Only thing makin me a bit doubtful is the .exe .... , but, hopefully all parties are decent and good and everything will happen without any bad effects or abuse no matter what, or even be possible as such. I guess that blizz has required such hoops to get such system working again can also provide many new opportunities that was not possible before too!:))

Hope Blizz won't find reason to ban for this, for some reason..? I dno rly,at all..

will likely soon be testing this anyway though. Hopefully it will be capable of reaching as many as oqueue did, and itll just be a matter of spreading the word and increasing its use before its as stuffed or more than oqueue was, and WHOLE EU once again united, and not as it is now with Germany, France, (north- & west-) Europe, Russia and Spanish servers being basically totally isolated and never see eachother ingame, and even less so ever getting chance to organize and make groups and all even,too, as it worked with oqueue, which was what I liked the most with it. It kinda made WoW seem Very popular again, just by bridging the other EU realms, which it showed was easily possible and had been designed as such, but which Blizz themselves failed to (and have continued to-, and caused great disappointment by continuing to neglect, even after releasing that stupidly bad gruop finder of their own..), and by killing oqueue blizz basically burned our bridges between our realms, which are usually (i think-) mostly hindered by language. But when groups run short,or ppl see the benefits of such great diversity and large numbers and take advantage of, will find massive help in, as was shown with oqueue.

I don't know how you initialyl got so much interest frmo the French,German,Russian etc..- people, who are ALOTof ppl, tho unfortunately they often know very little english, and many on the english realms (most not native english speakers either) knowing their languages as little too... but hopefully it will reach them all in a similar extent and allow for the same amazing thing that Blizz has continued to fail to deliver and showd no sign of interest inaccomodating, for whatever reason, and , assuming the .exe won't turn out bad somehow , or that many fear it as such and ending that way as a consequent,.. , may get much bigger than oqueue eventually,likely (i guess) thx to much graeter opportunities which will become possible with this more elaborate system as it develops, if it does, which I guess depends on ppls interest in and use of it..

Yay!!!! thanks alot, this made me just bookmark and make note of returning here more often to follow this... cropssing my fingers this gets well accepted and a fast growing userbase, and I think theres good reason to have great belief in this. no matter how it ends, i (and surely many others) Greatly aprecciate the effort in all this,and how it seems to be intended, as this seems indeed to me like a proper possible successor to oqueue, even with greataer potential too! ...assuming Blizz wont get pissy for making it so clear how bad they are, or rather, how much better u are, at accomodating the large group of user who felt a big void after blizz killed oqueue


o yeah mayb worth adding, too.. when i right-clicked General,whent to settings, and Global Channels.. where I wuold usually get the list of channels to open in that window, as well as if to enable class-coloring for it too, that (global channels menu there) was just empty, and Trade nor anything else was there at all. emprty page, which seemed weird as I thought it was expected as part of the default interface and kinda locked(?), but iveno idea how that works...

otradechat stopped working,or conflicts with other addon(s)


Just today, whileit seemed to work fine most the day until now late evening/night, I suddenly got a weird issue.. I couldn't see any of trade chat message (nor other global/wide-access chat channels), but what I wrote seemed to be posted there still. Restarted game but same thing.

When first logging in I got an error which mentioned another chat addon ("Prat"), which I tried turning off, along with otradechat as it was also mentioned in the error. after turning off seperately though, Prat seems to work fine alone, with and without all its additional functions/addons. but , while I havent tested otradechat alone without prat,or its various xtras enabled, prat alone worked, but turning on otradechat made the error remain.

I could open friendslist->bottom tab Chat, and then see in 2.Trade that I was actually in the Trade channel, and saw all other usernames listed there aswell including myself. Also tried to leave and join trade chan, which seemed to work as usual (leaving Trade chat while in a city by typing "/script LeaveChannelByName("Trade - City")" , and re-joining it by typing "/script JoinChannelByName("Trade - City")" or simply just "/join Trade" , all seemed to work as excepected, and would put me into the list of users I could see in the Chat tab. But in the main chat message window I never saw confirmation of this, or anything at all about 2.Trade, like anyone talking, or even ackowledgement of any kind of its existance.,.

simply disabling otradechat fixed it all, though. As its the least useful of the two atm,and atleast one seems to work without the other for now, have just left it disabled for now,assuming it wont easily work in the future without an update or something prolly.. I dunno what's up.

Here's top part of the addon I copied, which I saw right after logging into the game and trying to type something. As you can see it mentions both Prat and Otradechat, which consequently became initial suspects of the unexpected troubles..=s Hopefully it can help, and hopefully eventually make it work as it did again. I liked Otradechat very much, the time it did work and I had use of it. The only issue I had with it was the lack of enough ppl usin it (atleast less-populated realms,much of the time) so it couldnt forward data for me, but thats not that addons fault. Ive tried another similar addon,only I found earlier when I looked, but it didnt work at all,or far frmo as good as otradechat did. Im pretty sure Otradechat was actively used by many on some big realms Ive used it atleast,and still is very nice to have and a good addon, that I hope will continue living on.. hopefully if its just something in otradechat which needs changing after tghe patch,it wont be too hard, and that some kind soul finds the motivation to take the time to do that.. if so, thanks alot, in advance,. and anyway for a very nice addon so far,or while it lasted, too! Hopefully otradechat will live on..

Hopefulyl this bit of the error can be of some help.. . Im not even sureif it noly conflicted with Prat, any of its dependencies/extras, or owuld by itself alone even (tho guess so).. neway, here's the error message, which doesn't really tell me much at all besides being able to pick out the names of these addons from within the buncha text.. ->

Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: SendChatMessage(): Chat message must be UTF-8 text
[C]: ?
[C]: ?
[C]: SendChatMessage()
otradechat\otradechat.lua:174: channel_say()
otradechat\otradechat.lua:301: filterFunc()
Prat-3.0\services\chatsections.lua:317: SplitChatMessage()
(tail call): ?
(tail call): ?
[string "*:OnEvent"]:1:
[string "*:OnEvent"]:1


i really hope there will be a way to get it working again some day..

OQueue bridged all the EU realms, even the non-english ones which normally u never see any ppl around from but which clearly is reachable as oq showed, we're just isolated in each our seperate sections kinda.. and furthermore battlegroups..

Blizz burnt the bridge we had to reach all possibly reachable (eu-) realms,even many non-english ones. The current raid browser sux, very limited,restricted and basic functioning.. only showing few groups on a constant and fixed set of local realms with same ppl u see in bgs/random dungs etc. all the time from..

i often play during nights/mornings.. at that time it's now (and before oqueue) pretty dead in some areas of the game and unable to get a grp for, like most/any raids, easy arena grp etc.. , remembering back with oqueue it enabled contact cross all eu realms including the non-english ones like russian,french,spanish,german etc. n tho u couldn't always easily communicate with ppl from there as i didn't know their language nor did they know english either.. still got a grp, and could find a much broader amount of grps, and even at nights there was loads of grps cos of different time zones and new large and diverse grps of ppl included in all the non-english realms and all. i regret i didn't add more ppl from these other realms to my btag-list when i met them thx to oqueue, as even aiding eachother with a few ppl to get grps etc. with each our seperate bunch of realms as limit to search within (like blizz' raid finder), only that would help alot some times.. often at nights (normal work days) LFR and other stuff may end like 3-4am,typically after a wipe and ppl start leaving one by one.. eventually all gone, till like 8-9am.. same problem is on the other non-english eu realms, like french,russian, german ones etc.. if only it got connected again somehow,it could be enough ppl to keep the stuff going 24/7 with well-filled groups as it was with oqueue, then i'd rather just join a premade raid even, instead of lfr.

But no, blizzard has cut off contact for us again.. lots of ppl and potential good grps out there in all kinds of areas and 24/7 loads of ppl around, just no easy link between to organize LFG/LFM, no easy organizing LFG/LFM ingame outside of a few realms, and the tool there is ingame just sux... i really hope oqueue will get a way to continue how it worked some day... i keep checking back on site every now n then hoping for some kinda updates =p even if blizz improves connections between realms, and other stuff, oqueue had so much more im sure blizz' wont ever get either..

no way at all to have any kinda basic communication between some more realms, to reach out to more of the world and list groups from more realms? owell, was nice while it lasted, and shows potential.. im sure blizz will add some improvements of some kind eventually..

still hoping for oqueue ressurrection instead asap tho, but now not using much as the main thing i liked about it, that it connected so many more otherwise not reachable, is no longer... :\ hopefully some time within not too long one'll find, or become able, to get a way to easily connect ppl across realms some way similar again..

nice, it's awesome to see oQueue pushing on despite Blizz makin it hard. But, to me the main thing about oq is gone; that it connected people from beyond ones own battlegroup (local few realms), the ppl u only meet in "random dungeon", "random battleground", "raid finder" etc. and broadened your LFG/LFM-capabilities to non-english realms like russian,german,spanish,french etc. which is normally otherwise isolated pretty much,from the english-speaking EU realms. Now, they are again "lost", unreachable and we're stuck with Blizzards stupid in-game tool which, besides only showing a very limited few groups with a very simple and stupid interface, only ever shows groups from a few select and constant english-speaking realms only. As it was with oqueue, I could find groups 24/7, in the mornings there used to be many russians on for example, or from other parts of the world (french-speaking canadians playing on french servers, etc.), sooo many more ppl. Now its back to Blizzards way, maybe much of the same oqueue functionality around this in-game tool, but this in-game tool is severely limited, and ,imo , pretty shit tbh.

For some reason, although it didn't work properly, a few versions of oq ago, I believe b4 the update with "protocol change" announce in its changelog..although it didn't work to waitlist properly and all, I still saw russian,french etc. premades popping up on the list, for some reason.. tho few. And, while it didn't work to waitlist, I coudl atleast see their btag to manually add and hope theyd answer to ask them manually (getbtag by right-clicking the X (ban) button next to their premade), and im pretty sure it some times added these ppl to my list when i tried waitlisting too.. it had some kinda contact with "exotic" realms,atleast enough to add some of them to my friendslist some times, and some premades could be seen (tho the waitlist feature didnt work properly/at all then, it did somewhat, i think..).

Any way at all to connect beyond this little network of local realms, would be the biggest thing for me imo, and the main reason I was using oqueue previously. Now theres nowhere to obtain this, just like Blizz has made a great thing even worse by forcing their own thing.. :(

Hopefully some way, somehow, to do something about this... this stupid ingame browser is so bad, simple and restricted.. and even if they try make it more extensive n all, I don't think Blizz will make this tool best, I liked oqueue...I miss the "old days" :/ lol

just, really really hope it gets back to somehow how it was, not being stuck within the limits of this blizzard tool.. its so basic and limited. All the people reachable previously (and exlusively so) with oqueue, are now, not reachable in any limited way or such, but not at all..... I find myself not finding gruops at times of the day (or night/morning rather) cos these groups of ppl previously available, now aren't... ;|

checking in frequently for updates and hoping there'll be some kinda change.. tho surely I'll try be using oqueue as an overlay addon to the blizz one anyway, I trust u can tweak it better than Blizz woulda imagined. Thanks anyway, and for everything so far!

best rgds,

Awesome, thanks alot for your effort guys!!:))

I was typing a many-page long reply here praising many aspects of it all, but decided against it n removed n rather for now just leave a big Thank You, atleast. I hope you understand its a very unproportionately thankless task compared to how much good is taken from this by so many. I can only hope it continues and that you eventually get rewarded greatly,deservingly so, somehow, for all these efforts impacting so many ppl in so many different ways u'll never know of or even be able to imagine.. I bet Blizzard has made literally a ton of money thx to ppls continued interest in their game resulting from ur work with this addon.. Best wishes, thanks again.. Unfortunately I cant repay with much more than a 'thanks' or such for now myself, but will hold ur efforts in high regard and in mind, respect, and support when possible,and feel graet apprecciation for.. I can't understand where you get ur motivation from for it all, but can only hope it's perpetuated and increased and felt worthwhile:)

Cheers! Hopping back into the virtual world..; thanks again!!!

@Warlockjen: what did i do wrong :| im sorry, lol ? meh well,


o yeah,last thing, heh, once inside the instance, propagating the premad name, / making it visible int he mesh (?), the functionality does not always seem to work while inside the instance, and I havent fuond a feature to change this from interface settings?

seems the waitlist fills much faster after leaving the raid instance (but acn stay in raid grp and all np). which may suck alot after having cleared all trash n all and being last one ermaining with the working continuation from there otherwise..being forced to leave the raid and the "save" as such in the process (tho not rly much loss of work anyway but). It still works to some degree tho, ppl pop into the waitlist occsaionally, but very slowly then. I often find myself clicking the Find Mesh button frequently in hopes it establishes network with nodes to make my premade visible, and so that I can see the list of other premades (and my own grp, verifying it all works and likely visible to others) while inside the instance too.

...just annoying these weird ways around to get things like that working, lol, just as its kinda annoying with this character limit on the forum here :P sry if spammy or bad somehow rather make that more clear, as I dont see a good reason to limit text like this, =s ?

owell :) thx anway!

oh, another thing I meant to mention here.. when re-building a grp in the middle, taking over lead and queuing, passing lead to anotehr (cos i dun wanna be RL, just queueing with oqueue to help LFM for the RL, passing lead back after making the grp..), if this reaches cap at ~30 and stays there for long, there will be unplayable fps lag after an hour or few, not sure under what exact circumstance.. disabling oqueue fixes it, but better yet just /reload the ui , which would keep the queue and premad up. Tho if ure not Rl anymore, may need to ask Rl to make ur Rl again as it ges trouble with weird errors complaining ure not group leader.

I also wonder if grp leader could be passed around in the whole group and everyone can make a gruop name with the same title in order to catch much attention by getting RL to setup a premade, pass RL to enxt person who does the same etc.. to increase visibility.. not sure if that works, but wouldnt be surprised.. :d

Also, when continuing in the middle as such... some times u may need to "leave premade before creating a new", altho it should work.. only workaround Ive found for that is having another grp member be ready incase I remove myself fromt he grp in the process to quickly invite me back inb4 it teleports me out. After I am re-inited to the grp and made RL again, then it works to create the premad as a fresh one, even tho I dont have save there and didnt originally start it, to continue frmo that boss in the raid still

... continued from previous post cos of character limit restriction in posting...

Lol, the "other raids" browser is so stupidly and simply made in comparison.... for example the list of ppl there for Flex (whch ppl use to lfg/lfm for Normal (stating it in description) tho its meant for flex, cos its the only one visible cross-realm, and the Normal-raid section being pretty much deserted.. ans as such ppl who are LFG/LFm for flex as its meant for are also bothered by ppl inquiring about Normal there as a result.. , this stupid browser, tho bad, very limited and the cross-realm section containing very few realms too, is some times a useful supplement still. But for example if sorting by columns (like tank, or class... ), while it seems to somehwat be updating itself withotu clickign Refresh, does not fully, and your selected order of arranging it is not updated when it auto-refreshes (nor manually). so every time u click to refresh the list, u need to click the columns to sort after repeatedly to populate it with potential new records and in this correct order... does blizz have children working for them, or outsourced programming to some chinese ppl who dont know basic logic and how ppl use the internet in basic ways? so stupid, in many ways... so annoying! Ilove oqueue:)))

anyway, for my poor english n all, n possibly excessive or badly explained text, .. bye for now, tnx again.. cheers yall=)