(oQ) Group Finder 2.0 (BETA)

We are excited to announce a new site feature that we have been working on for quite some time, and are very excited about. This feature is oQueue 2.0 (Beta).


Due to changes in the addon API, our original in game addon oQueue is no longer able to facilitate a network of its own. Due to these changes, oQueue has been transformed in to a 3 part system which includes a real time web interface, a small lightweight desktop application, and an in game addon.

This system creates a group finding solution which offers more information to group leaders and group members than any other current real time solution available.

Desktop application:

oComms is a lightweight single file desktop application that creates the bridge between the in game addon and the website interface, allowing them to communicate in real time.

To get started you simply download oComms and save it anywhere on your computer. Due to its single file design, oComms can be run from any location on your computer.

Upon running oComms, the ocomms in game addon will be automatically installed into your WoW / Interface / Addons directory. If this is your first time running the oComms application, you may need to WoW and restart the game.

If oComms does not detect your WoW installs, you can press the gear icon in the upper left hand corner of the application, and then press the "scan" button. oComms will not attempt to locate your WoW installation locations.

When the in game addon and the oComms desktop client are communicating, you will see your current character listed on the oComms application, along with their class icon and item level. As you switch between characters this information should update to represent your current logged in character.

Pressing the Group Finder button in the middle of the application will direct you to the web interface.

For oComms to communicate with our group finder server here on SolidICE, you will first need to link your Battle.net and SolidICE accounts on your SolidICE profile page.

For more information on the Battle.net account and API integration, please read this thread.


The website portion of the application facilitates the Battle.net and SolidICE.com connection, along with providing a real time user interface for creating and finding groups for WoW. The web portion of this new system, in connection with the desktop client and in game addon, will allow users to perform the following actions, all in real time:

As a group leader:

  • Invite members to your group and automatically invite them in game.
  • Remove members from your group and automatically remove them in game.
  • View detailed information on prospective group members including item level, character ratings, achievements, and more.
  • Easily visit a characters armory page.

As a group member:

  • Automatically be invited to groups in game when invited from the website.
  • View detailed information on the composition of a group including the names, realms, item level, character ratings, achievements, and more for each member of the group, all before you apply to the group.
  • Switch between horde or alliance to view groups on both factions.
  • View all available groups for your region. Current supported regions include US and EU.
  • Easily visit a characters armory page.

To see which players are currently in a group you would like to apply for, you can hover the group and the group members area will be populated with a list of current members.

In the image above you are able to see that the group "Tiny's test" currently has 2 members. Tinystomper and Mizu. Along with the group members names, you are able to see the members item level, roles, and current raid progression (each colored square indicates a boss kill at a different difficulty). When hovering the raid progression squares, a detailed tooltip will explain the significance of the square.

These "Character Cards" which portray member information, will change based on the group type. Battleground and RBG groups will display PVP achievements and Character Ratings, along with other relevant PVP information.

Unfortunately I cannot fit all of the information about this new tool in one post, however over the coming days / weeks we hope to improve this feature and create guides and other instructional content on how to get started, and use the group finder.

Wed love to hear your thoughts, and suggestions. For questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reply here, message Tiny via the on site mail, or contact us on the WoW PublicVent (wow.publicvent.org : 4135, room 0).


Only thing makin me a bit doubtful is the .exe .... , but, hopefully all parties are decent and good and everything will happen without any bad effects or abuse no matter what, or even be possible as such. I guess that blizz has required such hoops to get such system working again can also provide many new opportunities that was not possible before too!:))

Hope Blizz won't find reason to ban for this, for some reason..? I dno rly,at all..

will likely soon be testing this anyway though. Hopefully it will be capable of reaching as many as oqueue did, and itll just be a matter of spreading the word and increasing its use before its as stuffed or more than oqueue was, and WHOLE EU once again united, and not as it is now with Germany, France, (north- & west-) Europe, Russia and Spanish servers being basically totally isolated and never see eachother ingame, and even less so ever getting chance to organize and make groups and all even,too, as it worked with oqueue, which was what I liked the most with it. It kinda made WoW seem Very popular again, just by bridging the other EU realms, which it showed was easily possible and had been designed as such, but which Blizz themselves failed to (and have continued to-, and caused great disappointment by continuing to neglect, even after releasing that stupidly bad gruop finder of their own..), and by killing oqueue blizz basically burned our bridges between our realms, which are usually (i think-) mostly hindered by language. But when groups run short,or ppl see the benefits of such great diversity and large numbers and take advantage of, will find massive help in, as was shown with oqueue.

I don't know how you initialyl got so much interest frmo the French,German,Russian etc..- people, who are ALOTof ppl, tho unfortunately they often know very little english, and many on the english realms (most not native english speakers either) knowing their languages as little too... but hopefully it will reach them all in a similar extent and allow for the same amazing thing that Blizz has continued to fail to deliver and showd no sign of interest inaccomodating, for whatever reason, and , assuming the .exe won't turn out bad somehow , or that many fear it as such and ending that way as a consequent,.. , may get much bigger than oqueue eventually,likely (i guess) thx to much graeter opportunities which will become possible with this more elaborate system as it develops, if it does, which I guess depends on ppls interest in and use of it..

Yay!!!! thanks alot, this made me just bookmark and make note of returning here more often to follow this... cropssing my fingers this gets well accepted and a fast growing userbase, and I think theres good reason to have great belief in this. no matter how it ends, i (and surely many others) Greatly aprecciate the effort in all this,and how it seems to be intended, as this seems indeed to me like a proper possible successor to oqueue, even with greataer potential too! ...assuming Blizz wont get pissy for making it so clear how bad they are, or rather, how much better u are, at accomodating the large group of user who felt a big void after blizz killed oqueue


the new oQueue is getting pretty close to its initial release. it's workable now, but there were a few things that have popped out in the beta which we needed to address. many thanks to the people that have helped test and improve it during this time. your patience is most appreciated.

the exe shouldn't have any issues, though i did identify a crash bug through the beta. if any issues arise, please let me know and i'll get right on it. i'm the sole developer of the exe and i'll keep it that way to safeguard against any serious issues.

once we're out of beta, it'll be up to the user community to spread the word far and wide. the groups formed via oQueue will be better then the group finder due to the leaders having more information and more tools to choose their groups. the added group information also helps users find better groups, as you'll get leadership info along with a list of the people currently in the group. no more joining a carry group or running with extremely bad leaders.

another thing that will depend on the user community is the use of karma. karma will be saved on the site and will help rate leaders over time. ninja looters and bad leaders will find themselves on the ban list of users as time goes on, effectively shutting them out of leadership. currently, we don't have much leadership info, as there haven't been many groups running (and we're focused on other things).

if you could, please start spreading the word in the EU. it'll help kick start things once we come out of beta.

have a great night!


Hi Tiny! First have you very thanks for your work for a best Wow experience for a Pj :).I install Common step by step but i have a problem..in solid ice my account is sync with my PJ and battle.net account.Open common,Open wow and login my pj and the addon have a message "No Login or Addon disabled" The addon is installed with my interface wow carpet,i dont know the problem for no Sync that,I have a Europe account ¿have a problem for that?I try restart the Game,restart the PC,Login Wow and open the Common...i no have idea for the problem,¿You can help me?

Thank you and wait your answer for this problem :)

Hi Arktos!

I responded to your private message before seeing your message here.

Sorry for duplicate message :(

Hi i cant get it to work, say same thing as arktos. "No Login or Addon disabled"

Same here doesnt work for me. Wont detect my characetrs even after I log in many times. The ingame ocomm addon option just has a + that does nothing when I click on it. I cant see anything in Oqueu itelf cept for raids and some arenas etc, but CMs are emtpy all the time, or refuse to be updated or moved to from other channels. Sometimes it says there are 6 but I see none. Seems the in game premade finder where I have to spent 2 hours looking for 1 decent pug is less trouble than this.

Hi guys.

First, please try and run WoW in windowed mode. Once you are in windowed mode, us the following slash command:

/oc reset

The ocomms application relies on your game being run at a common resolution. What resolution do you run WoW at?

Lastly, are you running any toolbar addons such as titan panel? Or any other addon which creates a bar or drawing on the top of the screen?


The in game oComms addon does not have any in game UI, so I am confused where you are seeing the + symbol. The oComms desktop application is currently at version 0.1.9, please ensure you are running the latest version. In later versions the application will update itself.

The in game Version of oQueue as you said, is not optimal. There may not be any challenge modes running, and if there are oQueue in game may not be showing them properly

Once we work out the bugs for our new system here, the website will replace the in game oQueue. The website should also be much better than the current available solutions.

Please let me know if that helps, and thanks for your patience as we continue to develop this feature.

once i get passed the current issue, i'll be working on the titan panel fix

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