How do i get oQueue released he is not woking now stay on paused?

blizz killed oQ dude, there's a msg telling you that.

Since they are not using important parts of the script necessary to oQ works in this patch, there's no way to oQ be up again

@amanitas he might be using the latest version, which is functional but on for your connected realms

Ddutchy, if the '** PAUSED **' is active, try right clicking it


i really hope there will be a way to get it working again some day..

OQueue bridged all the EU realms, even the non-english ones which normally u never see any ppl around from but which clearly is reachable as oq showed, we're just isolated in each our seperate sections kinda.. and furthermore battlegroups..

Blizz burnt the bridge we had to reach all possibly reachable (eu-) realms,even many non-english ones. The current raid browser sux, very limited,restricted and basic functioning.. only showing few groups on a constant and fixed set of local realms with same ppl u see in bgs/random dungs etc. all the time from..

i often play during nights/mornings.. at that time it's now (and before oqueue) pretty dead in some areas of the game and unable to get a grp for, like most/any raids, easy arena grp etc.. , remembering back with oqueue it enabled contact cross all eu realms including the non-english ones like russian,french,spanish,german etc. n tho u couldn't always easily communicate with ppl from there as i didn't know their language nor did they know english either.. still got a grp, and could find a much broader amount of grps, and even at nights there was loads of grps cos of different time zones and new large and diverse grps of ppl included in all the non-english realms and all. i regret i didn't add more ppl from these other realms to my btag-list when i met them thx to oqueue, as even aiding eachother with a few ppl to get grps etc. with each our seperate bunch of realms as limit to search within (like blizz' raid finder), only that would help alot some times.. often at nights (normal work days) LFR and other stuff may end like 3-4am,typically after a wipe and ppl start leaving one by one.. eventually all gone, till like 8-9am.. same problem is on the other non-english eu realms, like french,russian, german ones etc.. if only it got connected again somehow,it could be enough ppl to keep the stuff going 24/7 with well-filled groups as it was with oqueue, then i'd rather just join a premade raid even, instead of lfr.

But no, blizzard has cut off contact for us again.. lots of ppl and potential good grps out there in all kinds of areas and 24/7 loads of ppl around, just no easy link between to organize LFG/LFM, no easy organizing LFG/LFM ingame outside of a few realms, and the tool there is ingame just sux... i really hope oqueue will get a way to continue how it worked some day... i keep checking back on site every now n then hoping for some kinda updates =p even if blizz improves connections between realms, and other stuff, oqueue had so much more im sure blizz' wont ever get either..

no way at all to have any kinda basic communication between some more realms, to reach out to more of the world and list groups from more realms? owell, was nice while it lasted, and shows potential.. im sure blizz will add some improvements of some kind eventually..

still hoping for oqueue ressurrection instead asap tho, but now not using much as the main thing i liked about it, that it connected so many more otherwise not reachable, is no longer... :\ hopefully some time within not too long one'll find, or become able, to get a way to easily connect ppl across realms some way similar again..

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