otradechat stopped working,or conflicts with other addon(s)


Just today, whileit seemed to work fine most the day until now late evening/night, I suddenly got a weird issue.. I couldn't see any of trade chat message (nor other global/wide-access chat channels), but what I wrote seemed to be posted there still. Restarted game but same thing.

When first logging in I got an error which mentioned another chat addon ("Prat"), which I tried turning off, along with otradechat as it was also mentioned in the error. after turning off seperately though, Prat seems to work fine alone, with and without all its additional functions/addons. but , while I havent tested otradechat alone without prat,or its various xtras enabled, prat alone worked, but turning on otradechat made the error remain.

I could open friendslist->bottom tab Chat, and then see in 2.Trade that I was actually in the Trade channel, and saw all other usernames listed there aswell including myself. Also tried to leave and join trade chan, which seemed to work as usual (leaving Trade chat while in a city by typing "/script LeaveChannelByName("Trade - City")" , and re-joining it by typing "/script JoinChannelByName("Trade - City")" or simply just "/join Trade" , all seemed to work as excepected, and would put me into the list of users I could see in the Chat tab. But in the main chat message window I never saw confirmation of this, or anything at all about 2.Trade, like anyone talking, or even ackowledgement of any kind of its existance.,.

simply disabling otradechat fixed it all, though. As its the least useful of the two atm,and atleast one seems to work without the other for now, have just left it disabled for now,assuming it wont easily work in the future without an update or something prolly.. I dunno what's up.

Here's top part of the addon I copied, which I saw right after logging into the game and trying to type something. As you can see it mentions both Prat and Otradechat, which consequently became initial suspects of the unexpected troubles..=s Hopefully it can help, and hopefully eventually make it work as it did again. I liked Otradechat very much, the time it did work and I had use of it. The only issue I had with it was the lack of enough ppl usin it (atleast less-populated realms,much of the time) so it couldnt forward data for me, but thats not that addons fault. Ive tried another similar addon,only I found earlier when I looked, but it didnt work at all,or far frmo as good as otradechat did. Im pretty sure Otradechat was actively used by many on some big realms Ive used it atleast,and still is very nice to have and a good addon, that I hope will continue living on.. hopefully if its just something in otradechat which needs changing after tghe patch,it wont be too hard, and that some kind soul finds the motivation to take the time to do that.. if so, thanks alot, in advance,. and anyway for a very nice addon so far,or while it lasted, too! Hopefully otradechat will live on..

Hopefulyl this bit of the error can be of some help.. . Im not even sureif it noly conflicted with Prat, any of its dependencies/extras, or owuld by itself alone even (tho guess so).. neway, here's the error message, which doesn't really tell me much at all besides being able to pick out the names of these addons from within the buncha text.. ->

Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: SendChatMessage(): Chat message must be UTF-8 text
[C]: ?
[C]: ?
[C]: SendChatMessage()
otradechat\otradechat.lua:174: channel_say()
otradechat\otradechat.lua:301: filterFunc()
Prat-3.0\services\chatsections.lua:317: SplitChatMessage()
(tail call): ?
(tail call): ?
[string "*:OnEvent"]:1:
[string "*:OnEvent"]:1

o yeah mayb worth adding, too.. when i right-clicked General,whent to settings, and Global Channels.. where I wuold usually get the list of channels to open in that window, as well as if to enable class-coloring for it too, that (global channels menu there) was just empty, and Trade nor anything else was there at all. emprty page, which seemed weird as I thought it was expected as part of the default interface and kinda locked(?), but iveno idea how that works...

Same for me. No worky.
Sad. Guess We'll just have to sell in /4

looking into it now

ok, i've updated oTradeChat to work with 6.1

please update and /reload

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