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Have a suggestion how we can make SolidICE better?

Let us know here, Thanks!

Current Todo:

  • author addon management
  • raffles
  • breadcrumbs
  • text editor spell check
  • text editor images
  • forums sigs
  • social media integration
  • twitch streams

Listed in general order of importance.


Set some kind of system in place to sort by raid/boss/ lockout. I really like the search feature that you can put in "fresh" or "flex" or otherwise. I find it a bit frurstrating when looking for bosses like Iron Juggernaut, where some people use IJ or Iron, or Juggs, or otherwise. If I could just set that I want SoO @ Galakras with a group 560+ and it would ding when one comes up in the finder.

Otherwise, I must commend you on a great product.


For addon suggestions (although Tiny will still probably see it here):

I might be alone when I say this, and if so, take it with a grain of salt. I'm not a fan of the new downloads page. I don't care for the idea that all the addons you guys have created is just thown in the mix with other Addons. What about a section for SolidIce's Add-ons. then a Section for other common addons?

Website suggestion: How about adding an addon Favorite section? If you go to an addon's page, you can click a star to favorite it and it will go to said section. This way you can keep track of your addons and what not. Maybe add a download button next to the addon.

we do want to add a thumbs up/down concept for many things, including addons.

we'll just keep adding and growing as the suggestions keep coming in.

can you please make a separate forum section for the ninja looter reporting threads and move all such threads there?
name the section "wall of shame" or something and do not allow ninja loot reports in other sections of the forum.

as it is now we're getting ninja looter report spam all over the site forum.. (and i admit i posted one or two of those myself :p)

Im sure I didnt find all of them but I moved the most recent to the new forum.

What a great idea Rass!

Institute a wait period between posts like official WoW forums. I would suggest 1 min wait time.

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