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i'm not sure which poist you're referring to (including a link to the post helps)

our current focus is icebox.
multiple search?

for example, when someone type "+garrosh +flex" in the search, search results related to garrosh and flex will show up.
A search for "garrosh & flex" should show groups with garrosh or flex in the name or description
"04:04p Jun 30

I think i wrote it might not be fully understandable so i would like to post a example:

So lets say that Player A makes a Premade: He is a very good pvper with 2300 live rating in 3v3 in 2v2 he sucks (only 1400 rating) he thinks that 2v2 is a unreal bracked anyway and 5v5 he never liked to play...

As you would suppose normal player would wanna play 3v3 with Player A because Player A knows all the taktiks and uses all his cds properly in 3v3 thx to his exp. So its a lot of fun and normal players would wanna use oqueue again becasue after they played with Player A they know that they can also find very good mates to have fun with on oqueue. Not only in traidchat like most serius players do.

What does make this 2300 player trust oqueue people and what would prevent them from using oqueue people more?
When he does a Premade with 2300 minimum rating (BG rating at the moment) he gets some 5v5 heros too and some very good 2v2 players that never played 3v3 a lot so he is having a bad exp the way it is right now. + and most important he loses 100 rating with 1 lsoe and only gain 10 rating with 1 win so he nneds to win 11 and only lose 1 to get only 10 rating.

100 -11x10 per win = 10

With the suggestion i mentioned above he would have the possibility to only search players with 2100-2300 rating in 3v3 and prehaps search other brackets like 2v2/5v5 also but with more rating so he can make shure they have enoth player skill to compensate theyre gab in 3v3 rating. So the players would be more reliable and he would faster invite or contact the player on the waitlist. This again would make a better view for the addon oqueue for the players that queue for premades and the players how make premades means more player use the addon like you want them to use it with brain and respect against other players and the addon itself.

What does not having the possibility to sepearate 2v2/3v3/5v5 cause overall for the qualitly of players and there aktions like excessively fast leaving groups etc.
It clearly makes player that wanna gain rating / or have fun and not only play for caping with how ever... wanna use oqueue more what also would help the low people rate sometimes and would make the "carma problem" (people dont care they go in and leave becasue they think that most players are in very strong words "trash" anyway or those kind of people that leave after the encounter / lose)

If someone hase a question i would love to anser what i meant above. I try to put it as easy a s possible but im 4 shure not the best annotator."

here is the "link" to the post @tiny

you can also find the 2 other posts on page 5 of this tread but i think this post is enoth to express everything prehaps..
I don't know if this has been asked before, but it would be nice if we could get a couple of predetermined reasons to decline people. As someone who only uses this to look for groups, I often get the situation where I apply to a wait list, wait a few minutes, then get that horn that means "declined" with absolutely no idea on why I was declined. This means I get no feedback on what I did wrong, let alone something I can work with to improve my chance to get into the next group.

Another point of annoyance: "wait list full". really annoying. it's something that as a joiner, you can do nothing about except maybe try again a few minutes later, in the hope that the creator by then has accepted or denied enough people for you to get on the list. I know this is a problem that requires the user to do something about it and I don't know how big the wait list is currently, but it feels like it's too small. If increasing the wait list is too intensive, there are alternatives. you could save any requests to a full wait list on the joiner side and save just the RealID on the creator side. then, when the wait list has room again, you can send a signal to all joiners in the RealID list who can then resend their request.
the wait list is capped at 30. that's more then enough, especially when the group leader can control the type of players they're looking for.

as for a canned response, possible. it's also possible to allow the group leader to type a note, as i prefer notes starting at the group leader then the wait lister. this is to avoid trolls and general harassment.

the rating sent to the group leader is the best of your 3 arena ratings. this is due to the fact the group leader can create 2s, 3s, or 5s on a whim without modifying the group type.
Yes, but refering to the post. It is ahrder to find people with a spesific lr in ONE bracked 2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5 when all ratings are counted.

So noone really trusts the rating else why dont you rename it to 2v2/3v3/5v5 rating becase Bg rating dosent seem to explain this very well...
Since last patch I can not waitlist anything with an arena rating requirment. I am at 1942 right now, and can't waitlist anything even if it's as low as 1000, and if I make a premade and ask a friend to waitlist it. It does not let him. Really annoying someone plz help!!! :/

Is'it possible to put a flag (default, or user defined) with the name of the realm in the wait list
I mean, it's not very obvious when the realm name come from NPC or area of the game and

Another point is about at least 2 french realm [Confrérie du Thorium] and [La Croisade Ecarlate] which names are in english in your addon (Thorium brotherhood and Scarlet Crusade).
I think it can mislead people who make premade. When you seek "Fr only" a realm name in english isn't what you want
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