oQueue & Website Suggestions Thread

Suggestion: Minimize the decay speed on karma. ~OR~ reduce the karma -25 - - 0 - - +25 to -10 - - 0 - - +10. So it displays a red or green color more often

Reason: Not many know what it is and its benefits. And if more saw the benefits, more would probably start utilizing it. The most karma + i've ever had was 5 at one time. And it depleted almost as fast as I obtained it. I've also been spreading the word as often as possible about karma and its usefulness. And that alone has gotten me some + karma. But most find it pointless to use because its gone almost as fast as its obtained.

I'd actually love to see leader colors more Green / Red displayed more often across my oQueue. Almost color coding where i should wait list.

Ill look into that Jen but will have to come after some more urgent matters are addressed :).

Ill look into that Jen but will have to come after some more urgent matters are addressed :).

Sweet... hope you keep a list because I have no idea how you would otherwise keep track! lol

And I know you have a lot of work going on with the revamp so it was just an idea that would be useful when things are settled down :D

p.s. don't forget my suggestion about siggys ^.^

I have a list, but its more like a short story xD lol


I don't know if this has been suggested before, but how about adding a search function for premades? Or adding more filter options,to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Considering there are usually hundreds of raid groups and a hundred arena groups here at the same time. Thanks

You can filter by the type dropdown, you can filter by voice chat options, and you can filter by groups you are qualified for. All three of these filters are present on the bottom of the addon in 2 dropdowns and a check box.

On the top left of the addon you will notice a "spyglass", click this to open the search. The search has some basic regex functionality.

lol, I never noticed the spyglass.. My mistake.

lol no worries :)

If i have fish pool on....my ilevel changes..i know it is blizzard's thing, but it makes me nothing to do while WL someone and My ilevel drops like 50 or 60 so there is much less room I can find. any way to solve this?

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