oQueue & Website Suggestions Thread

My suggestion albeit an extremely small one is to add Curse Voice to the list of VoiP options when making a premade. IMO its the easiest type of VoiP to use for games that i have found
Just in case you aren't aware of it; the search function on this site isn't working properly. Forum topics and blog articles doesn't show up, and "last online" date shows Dec 31 1969 for everyone.
As Crazysob83 has said a few posts above mine; there's an issue with people planning to use a save from last week. They're currently 0/14, but are planning to start at say 7/14. If I was 2/14 I can't queue for their group, even though they will be starting further in the instance than I'm saved to.

If possible, you should make a player select which boss they start on when making a group, rather than using what they're saved to this week.

Alternatively, you could give us the ability to message a group leader so that we could ask them for an invite that way.
Thanks Hokkstar,

With the new version of the site ill have this resolved - however the out of the box version of the new site will not support search functionality. But I will add it back in asap.

Hello! ^^

I've looked through all of the posts ( I think.. XD ) in this thread, so I don't think I'm saying something someone else already said. I have noticed that the oQueue addon seems to block quite a few things from my view, which can be very annoying! For instance, if oQueue is enabled and I go up to the Void Storage on a toon that hasn't opened up Void Storage yet, no matter what I do, I cannot get the window to purchase the storage to pop up. I have to disable the addon to see it and click it.

Other examples of things that I've noticed you can't see with oQueue enabled:

/afk You are now AFK and You are no longer AFK - The debuff you get when someone who is censured on the Timeless Isle kills you - When you right click on someone's name in chat, the Report Player For: drop down menu is non-existant.

/reload does NOT work, the addon must be disabled to see / click on any of these things.

Anyway! That's about all I have to say ^^ I would love it if all of these things didn't happen, but if it's impossible or something that's intended, that's okay with me, your addon is amazing and I'll keep using it! :3


"When you right click on someone's name in chat, the Report Player For: drop down menu is non-existant."

Is this a known OQ problem? I was just complaining to a GM today that it wasn't available most of the time for people on my own server in trade channel. I thought it was a WoW problem.

it's a known bug that appears with oQueue enabled.

something changed back in february that broke the menu when right-clicking when oQueue is hooked. i had checked the code and couldn't find a reason why, as it's being done exactly how it's supposed to be (as per any examples i could find)

I see, that sucks :(

Thanks for the response! Keep up the good work! :D

I think it's oQueue that provides the iLvl of the Item, with gems/enchants next to the slot on the character screen.. If you could provide this as a separate addon, it's extremely useful.

Thanks, keep up the great work.

Forum suggestion (not that yall don't have enough to do but...)

I would love to see the ability that provides the red squiggly underline for misspelled words. It appears for me on the WoW forums but not here. I really can have the most atrocious spelling at times (thank you FL school system) and I like to use it so I don't look like a complete idiot. :P

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