oQueue & Website Suggestions Thread

i have 2 problems,
1 - it would be good to have be able to pick the order the premades are listed..e.g. if i'm looking for thok , and the title dosn't have thok in it, you can see the progression on the far right column...e.g SoO10 (10/14) thok.
so instead of sacnning all the numbers we can have them listed from 1/14 at top, going down to 14/14 at bottom.

2- question, i see a group looking for thok, so i hover over the group and i see ..members 7,
..waitlist 10.
but in the section it has SoO10( 10/14)thok (63%)

i find this confusing,. how can they be killing it and be at 63% with only 7 ppl in group.

also, it annoys me that i go into a waiting list and are unknown what's going on, when you see a group wit 7 people in it and i'm in wait list for 20min...what's going on, am i rejected or are they afk, why aren't they filling, are we all rejected......i hate waiting :)
  1. Even If Battle.net is down it should be possibel to access the options screen to make adjustments - e.g. enabling or disabling a feature.
  2. I am getting a few random "script ran to long" errors while being in combat. Meaning oqueue did use more CPU time than allowed by Blizzard. The CPU time seems to differ from computer to computer. I jsut would like to ask if it is possible to further reduce computation time.
  3. Random b.net disconnect during logout. This seems to be connected to oqueue, but I cannot tell for sure as during logout time one cannot take any action - as far as I know. I am not s lua expert and I do not know if there is a message handling system informing addons that a logout has been initiated.

1. you can sort the premade by clicking the column headings. you might also want to filter it using the spyglass so you only see the groups you're interested in
2. i believe the number of members can be off if you have non-oQueue members in the group

as for wait listing, that's up to the leaders. keep in mind, you can wait list for multiple groups... just remember to read the main premade tab once you're invited to verify which group you're in.

1. true. i could make it specific to the find-premade and wait-list tabs
2. that can happen when your system is overloaded. this usually happens when people have not capped their fps and their system gets over taxed during a fight. once thing you should do is limit your fps to 50-60. as the human eye can manage 42fps, 60fps for pro athletes, you really don't need more. it also gives your GPU and CPU some breathing room if something crazy starts to happen
3. when you log out of wow, there is a good chance you will disconnect from b.net... unless you're running the b.net client. if your system has performance issues, i'd prolly not recommend running the b.net client in the background. run wow directly instead
Can you make the spyglass more useful when trying to filter? Since people do not title the premade name the same way, it's a pain to filter with mutiple search terms. For example, say I am looking for a 10 man raid of Seige of Orgimmar and I type in " soo 10 fresh". Unless the leader has typed it in exactly like this, nothing shows... even though numerous people have those 3 terms in the premade name, just not in the same order.
the spyglass supports some regex capabilities, as described on the snowman's hints

for SOO 10 fresh, try these:

soo10 & fresh

soo10 & fresh & normal

soo10 & fresh & heroic

for flex 3: SOO & flex.*3

the '.*' is a wild card
Something I've noticed is for my mage and warlock, it isn't adding expertise % to my hit %. I gem a lot of expertise to reach the 15% cap, but in oQueue I see myself as having 8.93% hit, when in reality I have 15.05% (with expertise added). If you had a chance, is there any way you can make it combine the hit and expertise values on casters?
Definitely a few more sorted options for what type of run it is. It'd be easier to find low level runs for gear if there was a Transmog tab. Filter out the non-current content from the rest :o I never see anyone in the RP thread. Would it be odd to ask for a personals tab like people looking for mage portals and such or those of us that get bored and offer them? Some servers are so dead.

I see some runs saying that they're not full yet they're making progress in the run, as players not invited via OQ aren't added to the "raid" panel.
It'd also be nice to have a way as lead to tell people that you're full if they keep trying to get into the group. People don't seem to read the text when you change your run name to "FULL" I feel like a douche just rejecting them or making them wait :S or some people come in when you post what boss you're on and then freak out and leave because they don't read.... :/
I would love if there was a way to show your progress to collecting your next ticket in game! I always forget to come back to the site and I miss out on 2 or 3 tickets for raffles. Thanks. :)
would like to see a mandatory il requirement so i dont waste time queing for premades that they have a specific il in mind but overlook stetting the il requirement
Not sure if this has been mentioned, but when I'm sometimes trying to queue for a Garrosh grp, sometimes i've cleared 11/14 or something whereas the raid leader is 0/14 for the week, I can't queue for the group because of the Raid Lockout conflict
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