oQueue & Website Suggestions Thread

Suggestion: oTradeChat Clickable name's

Example: [otc:Xieje]: LFM SoO (Left click the name and whisper that person to join for SoO.)

Would be really nice to have this feature.

Suggestion: oQueue's list

1. Maybe an right click button to check the person's armory (would be nice)

2. Maybe an achievement points on his information would be nice to see his experience in WoW (not necessary)

3. Maybe a loot rules in Create a group. When u view a premade; 'Raid', u can see the loot rules instantly (good feature)

That's my dream list. I hope u understand, my english is so bad. Have a nice day :)



Sorry, posted at general, but i will repeat here:

Oqueue's raid lockout functions are not working as they should. So please remove them or fix. Posted example there.

Sorry for my english.


Bluntly, OQ needs to automatically update the ilvl requirement of a raid based on the lowest member instead of who created the group. FAR too often have I seen a raid leader asking for ilvl 560+ members ONLY, and then I see next to that 'lowest ilvl: 525' and SURPRISE, it's someone from the same server as the raid leader who was invited outside the OQ system. In other words, the raid leader is demanding ilvl 560+ raiders, to carry his 525 friend.

A raid leader should not be allowed to request ilvls higher than the lowest person in the group. This will force those carry groups down the list rather than make them appear as a highly geared raider group.

Drium, I actually created an account here just to make the same request as you :)

I think either oqueue should automatically bind the minimum itemlevel to the lowest member of the group instead of the party leader or at least it should warn in the raid-listings when there is someone far lower than the requirements already in the party...
since oqueue already scans the party and is able to display the lowest itemlevel in the party on mouseover it already kinda has all the features needed to complete this...
Actually, tiny, I was looking for you in vent in order to offer my help in writing this piece of code since I know you are extremely busy :)
Maybe you could tell me when you would be on vent so we could discuss this further? (There is no use in making you write adjustments to oqueue when others can do it for you)

Exactly, Nephthis. It's already there, but it's easy to miss. It needs to be more obvious, or the ilvl requirement of a group needs to not be able to be set higher than its lowest member.


A way to designate what loot system your Pre-Made is using for PvE content. Tiny, I've been hosting a number of guides over the years that have a section on this very topic, including helpful abbreviations you could easily use.

Here's a direct link to the Loot Systems section of one of them: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1658713939#9


Your ads when clicked on in the application updater fires up IE - you mihgt want to think about the other browsers as I dont allow IE on my system

I use firefox

Also it may be to hard or consume too much processing but the tradechat feature doesn't check my ignore list. I have toons on that for good reason. Last night had to listen to two racists discuss the merits of african americans - both of who are already on my ignore list - trade forwarder (the other similar addon) must admit doesn't check ignores either

Please keep up the good work - oQ is making a big difference to me and my wow experience

Hey Dagg, Thanks for the suggestions.

We've also Identified that Internet Explorer sucks, so were moving away from using it. A newer version of the icebox down loader will make use of chrome and will be more full featured.

As for oTradechat, I let Tiny know of the issue and hes going to look into honoring ignore lists when forwarding messages.

Hello !

i don't speak english fluently, so i hope you will understand me.

i wonder why we can see the raid experience for the raid leader in the "search" function of O-Queue, but we can't see it for the people that "tag" for our group in the queue. It could be great for Raid Leaders to see it, and avoid people they don't know the raid well.

Thank you for reading, bye !

simply put, there isn't enough data space to keep the raid progression in a wait list request. premade group info is passing thru bnet whispers and in-realm addon chat messages which allow for 255 characters. bnet friend requests are limited to 128 characters.

if you want to see information on people in your wait list... control-click their name to get a popup containing a url to their armory. just copy/paste it into your browser to see their progreession (you can do the same on the find-premade tab to see the premade leaders armory)

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