oQueue & Website Suggestions Thread

P.S. LOVE the new website.

Thank you :D. We have lots of cool things planned!
What about being able to set a custom pulse interval for one particular premade that you're watching.

Say I want to waitlist for a group, but they turn-around so quickly that I can't click Waitlist before they're already in their next dungeon/arena/bg/etc.

What's the pulse at now? 30 seconds? What if I could change it, for just one premade (so as to not overload things) to 5 seconds?

This is probably ridiculous - just tossing out pipe dreams.
sorry Zukk. group info pulse time would be greatly abused if that was allowed

when a group leader comes out of an instance, he will push a group info pulse updating the data in your list.

it is possible you can miss the pulse, depending on your mesh connection at the time
Hello tiny, great work on this addon. Have you considered making your character sheet edits an optional thing? They overlap my preferred layout of the character sheet, and there is no real option for disabling them... I have just ended up editing out your modifications to that section, but would love to have that not be necessary.
Which character sheet edits do you mean? There are checkboxes to remove the ilevel/gem/enchant stuff, as well as the PVP/PVE colors.
Ohh i see it now, I was looking for the option in the main settings inside the Oqueue frame. :) thanks for the heads up.
How about more detailed filters for people looking for a premade? You have color codes for lets say, soo normal as green, heroic as red, such as "SoO10 [11/14]" in green text. Why not take that a step further and have drop down menus (like you already have for voice) so users can select any of the raids like "SoO" or "FL", then drop downs to sort those "SoO" groups by normal/flex/heroic and yet another to sort by what boss the group is on, either by that bosses number or name?
I would love the option to choose only the categories I want to browse in the Find Premade tab instead of being forced to choose either one category or all of them.
The search box is great but it just doesn't cut it. This way we could browse, for example, Raids, Misc, Challenges, etc. all at once and not be forced to see rated BGs, scenarios, roleplay, arena, etc. I feel it would be a giant quality of life improvement for many, many players.
I don't always open the addon and know exactly what I want to use it for. Sometimes I like to see premades as they are added.

Also, thank you to everyone involved in this project, you've all done an amazing job
would love a way to report players that steal loot and remove players after last boss of a raid was completed to give the community a ninja alert Demon-Darkspear did this to me
I think the addon is great, but it's annoying when you are trying to pressed the waiting list button for a certain premade and it moves all the time because of the constant update, my idea is that you ad a update/stop update button so that the addon updates(looks for premades) for about 10-15 seconds and then lists all the premades that has been found, but if you find one before the timer has run out on the update time you can just stop or pause the update so you can locate the premade you want to be put in the waiting list for.
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