oQueue & Website Suggestions Thread

Convince Blizzard to build an Oqueue Server to reduce issues with B.net. Can someone talk them into that? I mean, what would it take, one virtual linux instance?
They are building the entire addon into WoD. So i don't see much help coming from that direction to better the addon.
I would really enjoy the addon more if there was a filter in the raids window how you have ones for language and voice communications to specify and filter premade subtype so I can only look at SoO wait lists and maybe one specific to flex groups so they don't jumble up the list. One other thing, when I lead raids and look at the wait list I cannot tell if the priest healer is disc or holy it only shows the healer medic icon, that would help because there are fights you don't wanna 2 heal with a disc and a holy pally.

much thanks your addon saves so much time LFM.

-Yetti :-p
on the find-premade tab. top left. 5th button. that's the spyglass filter. select raids and click the spyglass. then you can find the raids you're looking for.

things like:

soo & normal
soo & heroic
soo & flex
soo25 & heroic


as for the WL, all the data is there. healers have the '+', tanks have the 'O' and everyone else is dps and shows their spec

Needs the ability to que for multiple roles with itm lvl for each role. So tired of changing specs over and over and over and over just to que. The note area a waste of time NO ONE READ THEM!!
Can you remove the block of reporting players via right click?

Can you remove the block of reporting players via right click?
it's not a block. it was the result of a blizz change back a few months ago. i have found no solution to that problem at this time
Heya Tiny, as always Thanks for making this addon and keeping it up to date. My suggestion is, to limit the updates. Make sure that the update that is required, is the only one needed for a month or so, its a real pain in the butt to have keep downloading every few days. Other then that, I have no complaints. Thanks again!
Hi Oqueue Team & Fans.

Im just wundering if you are planig to add some 2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5 separated way of filtering people with lower live rating?

So atm its BG Rating = means every rating in all brackets so if some lucky undergeared Guy have 2400 rating in 5v5 he can also queue 4 people how searching Mates 4 3v3 or 2v2 with 1900 rating or more means that the player have bad exp with oqueue and the one that did the premade too = less people spend there time with oqueue searching arenamates because they calculate with no response and nonexp players and so they take it no that serius and people that wanna search with oqueue know that the people that made premades dont take it serius and they dont know if the premadeleader even have the rating in 3v3 or if he just have like hight 2v2 but not 3v3 rating so less people search over oqueue.

If not thats my sugestion! Making 2v2/3v3/5v5 Rating filter -separate-

Thx 4 youre attention

LG and Keep up! =)
when waitlisting for an arena group, your best arena rating, from 2s, 3s, and 5s, is used.
your rbg rating does not impact this.

please make sure to update to verify this is the case
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