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Waw thank you for this fast answer ! i did not know for the ctrl clic, but i note it for later !

bye ~

I would love to see a way to filter the groups, I know you can already by the language or the voip, but a way to only see groups which have the minimun ilvl set to 550, similar to the qualified button where you only see premades that you're eligable for

Basically so I don't see groups which have loads of people with 500 ilvl in


upper left of the find-premade tab... 5th button over. the spyglass. click it. that's the filter. what you type is used to filter what you see.


  • all soo heroic: soo & hero
  • all non-soo raids: !soo
  • celestial or ordos groups: cele | ordo
  • all pve groups with ilevel above 560: pve & i560
  • all pvp groups with rating above 1800: pvp & r1800
  • all magtheridon pvp groups: pvp & magtheridon

Update on my previous suggestion. Some of the regulars and I are actually discussing loot systems and discussing MS>OS in particular. One of the suggestions just made was rather ingenious in its simplicity, by Kkahan, where he stated:

"But maybe they would be better off putting in an option that shows what loot setting the raid leader has the raid set to - need before greed, round robin, master loot etc. And perhaps some mouse-over text that simply states, "Loot rules can vary from one raid to the next. Please make sure you check with the raid leader to confirm how they determine loot will be distributed by the given loot method."

I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I brought up the idea of maybe being allowed to sort the premade listing by loot type.

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