oQueue & Website Suggestions Thread

Hi there, love your addon. (nice work)

quick suggestion here, what about adding like an option when makeing an arena premade a dropdown or somthing 2v2 ,3v3 or 5v5 and when you have 2,3 or 5 in your group , it "filters you premade out for people. so you dont have to browse all the "full" premades. i know i would love that

thanks for making this awsome addon :)
make the option to queue for multiple roles or add a note to your queue that you can do multiple rolls. can be hard/annoying when queueing for multiple things to be switching back and forth between specs
i have contemplated attaching a note... the current concern being that the leaders would start to get abused by trolls (tho the qualification requirement would keep this to a minimum). the other issue is space. the wait-list request msg doesn't have much room for a note (it varies depending on the type of group you're waitlisting for)

as for dual specs, problem is gear, stats and msgs size. the wait-list request msg is very small and is currently filled. in order to get your specs for your offspec, you need to switch then re-gear. that extra info is just too much to be sent (msg size caps out at 125 characters)

it would also constitute a protocol change. which pushes us to a mandatory update. which i avoid as much as possible

quick suggestion here, what about adding like an option when makeing an arena premade a dropdown or somthing 2v2 ,3v3 or 5v5 and when you have 2,3 or 5 in your group , it "filters you premade out for people. so you dont have to browse all the "full" premades. i know i would love that

problem is, some people might specify 2s but then bump to 3s without changing the premade type. right now you can use the spyglass to filter for '2s' after selecting arena

as for dropping 'full' premades... i could add an option on the setup allowing you to define a 'full' line. basically you'd specify the number of ppl on the WL that is considered 'full'. 30 is currently max, but you might not want to bother with a group if they already have 10 waiting.

would full groups be dropped if you check 'qualified'?

i've also considered dropping groups that are currently in a battleground (their wait list button goes grey as you cannot WL while a group is in a game). again, i think i'd make that drop out if you checked 'qualified'

Oqueue is an excellent addon Tiny. Keep up the good work.


1. There needs to be something to stop the random btag adds. I constanly have to remove btags that seem to be randomly added to my account while playing. When I'm out questing, farming etc. btags just randomly get added (I notice this in chat). I then have to open oqueue, set up, remove.

2. Is there a way to indicate a pvp realm by color? Example. When I am looking for an ordos or celestial group on Tuesday morning, I have no idea if I join the group that I will be phased to a pvp or pve realm. I usually look for a title that says Ordos US PVE, or I just make my own with that title. Maybe when a person creates a group, the name could be green signifying that person comes from a pvp realm?
"Ive got a great suggestion
Get competent developers
Make your shit work " from: Kevinmd

Seriously! There are only 2 of them working on this and I think they have done an outstanding job with what they have. If you don't like it, then remove it u scab

Pls see this as a input or a request to make something good something even better in the perspektive of PVP.

Im using Oqueue now since a long time and... its easy to find people for arena now. You can see the gear EASY thx to the great overview the Oqueue team did, you can see RBG rating if you search people for cap/rating RBG's, you can see resiliance to check if the person is really wearing the pvp equipment or is only trying to fake his gearscore with some pve gear.

But the tow most important and big things if you want to know as close as possible on with state of the game this particular player in youre waitlist for arena is (and this is essentiall for having fun for all players in youre grupp. Most players leave after the first game because they see that the players are not what they expected. Witch is a big problem why most people that dont use Oqueue anymore tell as they're reason why) are:

1. Live Rating : cr

2. Experience : xp

If you manage to get the live rating of the player in the addon you dont need to get experience too this would only make it a little more epic.
Because if a player is at 1900 live rating in 3v3 arena he can only have a good gearscore or must know at least how to play in the area of 1,8k-2k MMR. And thats the reason many people have stopped using this great addon or dont use it that often what causes the low rate of people sometimes in the arena section on the addon with is the second bigest (!) section next to pve in oqueue/world of warcraft. You could have 10-20 even 100! times more oqueue users if you can make this last big think happen i beleave! Imagine that the players would realize that oqueue is now better to find people for serius arena. At the moment trade chat is the most used way to find people. Its time to go on use youre potential youre addon ha. You have the building already you only need to implement somethinbg something so small to make a unbeleavable big change. I beleave!

As a developer you could ask how should we do this?
-A possible answer could be, that every player writes his rating on there own. If you invite someone you can guess pretty fast if hes telling the truth. Blizzard might not like the idea to see the rating of a player with a addon prehaps. SO this could be a easy and great solution.
-There are already addons that show if the player was a "gladiator" or "duallent" i dont know the code but i guess they figured out some way to get on these kind of informations legaly.

Is it possible we may ask?
Im not curious if the Oqueue team can make this last big thing happen becase i trust. I like to think to realize this it would be a quick holiday trip, compared to the rest they did already, BUT im really curious about youre opinion!!
Is this even nessesery? Is this not possible becasuse of blizzard terms? What are youre opinions and ideas?

Thx for listening! =)

Didn't understood words? No problem.
MMR = Match Making Rating
[Its the rating that decides against with teamyoure facing in arena 2s, 3s and 5s have different MMR Example: If player a plays at 1k player b at 1k and player c at 2k you gona face teams thata re around 1,3k-1,4k MMR]
cr = current rating
live rating = means the rating a person have in as a example 3v3 arena you can see it if you open the arena window in world of warcraft this rating doesent mean you have the same MMR
epic = great
If you dont understood something else please feel fee to ask down below. Thank you.
Also i would sugest splitting Arena in 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 bracked. Not only Arena like now...
So its more easy to find people for specific Arenas.

And it should be possible that you can oqueue for all premades like perexample in 2v2 for all^premade where the rating is over 1500 or something.

That would make the addon lightweight and more easy to use. And things that are easy to use and lightweight are generally doing well like Google.

Google is easy its looks easy its not easy in the background.

Oqueue is atm not that easy as Google it dosent have to be "that" easy but a little more and the backgroud can be complicatet as you want ^^
Imagine im a warrior and i just wanna play arena my rating in 2v2 and 3v3 is 1800

so i want to write in Oqueue what my rating is so 1800 and that i wanna play with druid healers with elemental shamans and warlocks and then hit "OK"

And next thing happens all druids with 1800 rating or more all elemental shamans and warlocks that wrote in oqueue they wana play with warriors (what i am) see me now in the waitlist of Oqueue, they can see my gs like normaly and decide if they wanna invite me or not.

Easy! Please tell me how would EVER want to use traidchat witch is the biggest source of searching and finding people today again? Yes, no one.

How wins? YOU win ( a lot i can tell you that ), all the people of wow win, more people wanna play wow so Blizzard wins too.
A WIN-WIN-MONEY Situation i call that :D
leave queue - auto kick - reform

so.. i formed a group.. 4 members.. queued.. soemone joined the wait list..

i press the leave queue button .. someone got auto kicked for being afk and not leaving queue fast enough .. so now i still have 4 and can't queue cause the kicked person is still in queue .. have to reform the group .. people get imapient and 2 leave.. m down to 2 members. could have waited for that one afk guy to come back and leave queue and have 5.

can we remove the auto kick or at least make it optional.. or add a karma down instead of auto kick? ty.
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