(oQ) Group Finder 2.0 (BETA)

another issue that i have is that when i open ocomms it starts spaming those simbols on my chat

That is a side effect of the ocomms application being unable to communicate with the addon. That should stop once we figure out why they are not communicating.

this is the UI scale option, tho i'm unsure what it says in spanish.

please uncheck it and see what happens

tried it before when i noticed it was that, still doesnt work just spams on my chat ''''''''''''''''''

PD: if u want to make some changes or something pm me and i can let u handle my pc with teamwiever or something

having it spam your chat with ''''' is an improvement. that means its starting to wake up.

please make sure the key bound to the addon (wow-menu/key binds/ addons/ ocomms) is the same key bound in the application (click the top left cogwheel). if both keys are the same, try '/oc reset' then type '/oc dump' and see if the resolution changed.

if the resolution looks like, but it's still spamming your chat with ''''''', then it could be the scale is still being used. try checking it, sliding it all the way to the left, then unchecking it.

Hi guys,

First, thank you for this good app. (Oqueue)

I have the EU client (french), oComms app : 0.2.0, oComms addon : 0.1.7

For EU client, we don't have the same keyboard with the US, in US the semilogon (;) is at the ($) EU keyboard (azerty), so the app can't communicate with your addon in game. You have to go (in game) : wow-menu/key binds/addons/ocomms and change your (;) by the ($) and normaly they will communicate.

I hope that will help you. (sorry for my bad english)

The solidice server is down, me too, i have 0 ms. Maybe, they will restart the server.

ok now i made it work by changing the ocoms bind key, but now y go to group finder and says ocoms isnt runing

btw is there any way that ocoms works on fullscreen? its kind of anoying to play on windowed mode

sorry, the isp notified me last night they were doing a cloud-wide maintenance this morning from 7am to 10am.

things should be back up now. sorry for the inconvenience


unfortunately, there is currently no way for it to work in 'fullscreen' mode. you can simulate fullscreen mode by selecting 'windowed (fullscreen)'. the effect is the same, but how it's rendered on the graphics card is different. as a bonus, if you're using 'windowed(fullscreen)', you're able to alt-tab to a browser without the screen flipping in and out of modes. this is how most multi-monitor players run their games (windowed).

if you try windowed(fullscreen) and the taskbar is on top, right-click it and select properties. check 'auto-hide the taskbar' on the taskbar tab then click ok. you can always bring bnack your task bar by just mousing to the area of the bar (it'll slide back up)

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