(oQ) Group Finder 2.0 (BETA)

if i could reproduce the effects on that screen, i could figure out the problem.


perrunero, i see your colors are also not quite right. please try ti disable all addons except oComms and log back in. drop me a screenshot when you do, thanks

so, what realm? i'll try logging in to see if it's an EU / realm thing

My realm is sanguino-EU when i finish my raid ill post new screenshot without any addons

here you go no addons http://i.imgur.com/Em1Jt6s.jpg

my realm is minahonda


well, no addons... except oComms. i'd like to see the screenshot of it running by itself

http://i.imgur.com/WaFegt0.jpg here u go only ocomms enabled

very strange. it's like the pixels are being estimated before being rendered.

under wow-menu/ system/ advanced ... do you have 'UI Scale' checked?

http://i.imgur.com/Jssft8r.jpg these are my advances setup options i dont see any ui scale option

These are my graphic options http://i.imgur.com/xk4mMl6.jpg

another issue that i have is that when i open ocomms it starts spaming those simbols on my chat

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