(oQ) Group Finder 2.0 (BETA)

It doesen seems to work on windowed fullscreen ocoms stays on null till i go windowed, btw is currently oqueue working? because i dont see any raid or people in it

Sorry double post


i still have 0 ms with the ocomms solidice.com server.


Sorry for the wait, we are investigating an issue atm.

Update: The server should be back up, sorry for any inconvenience.

@ perrunero

The current in game oQueue should be working, however it retrieves its groups from the Group Finder API, and no longer forms its own network.

srry i didnt mean ingame oqueue i meant solidice oq group finder, it's working ok but i cant see any raids or party's

Oh okk.

Chances are, there are no groups. Its only been a thing for like 2 weeks or so, so alot of people don't even know it exists. The more people spread the world the faster it should catch on.

At last I got it working. the solution is have the same key bind in both, ocomms and wow

Hey, I wanted to try this out, but I got a problem. I am logged into Solidice, Battletag is linked and oComms is connected, but it says I am not ingame when I am, windowed mode or not. What am I missing?

Hey Hokkstar,

For the ocomms addon and the ocomms desktop app to communicate correctly, the correct combination of graphical settings must be configured. For most people this won't require any change, but in some situations a little noodling is required.

Thing you will want to check are:

  1. Is windows running in 32 bit color mode?
  2. Are you using any color blind support options in WoW?
  3. Are you using the UI scale options under advanced graphical settings?

Also, you will want to check that the ocomms addon and the ocomms desktop application are both using the same hotkey.

Click the cog wheel in the upper left of the ocomms application to open the settings. The default value for comms-key should be SEMICOLON.

Now in game hit escape to open the game menu. Select "Key Bindings", then select "AddOns" from the left side bar. Under the "oComms" heading you will have a setting for "Communications Key", which should be set to ; by default. Key 2 should say "Not Bound".

You can use any key as your "Communications Key", but it must be the same key that is configured on the oComms application.

I have encountered a new problem, The oComms desktop app only works when WoW is up and Ocomms its over it.

I am in 32 bit color mode.

Running it as administrator

UI scale is off.

Semicolon is the keybind on both.

(Was working fine yesterday)


Restarting wow as admin, and the same with oComms didnt work, Hokkstar, open wow leave it up and put oComms over it, can you see if we have the same problem?

Edit2: seems to be working now. very strange.

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