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Created: 12/07/12 - Downloads: 3,604,410 - Monthly Downloads: 13
oQueue was wow's first mesh network for x-realm group finding. Since 6.0.2, it's been updated to work with blizzard group-finder backend. Using oQueue, you can find groups for: regular battlegrounds rated battlegrounds arenas scenarios dungeons raids challenge modes oQueue also supports wait lists and ban lists ... which comes in handy to ban bots from entering your bgs, at least on y...


Created: 04/02/06 - Downloads: 89,091 - Monthly Downloads: 209
Keyclone is a key broadcasting application that allows users to control multiple instances of an application using a single keyboard/input device. While commonly used for multiboxing videogames (playing multiple characters at once), Keyclone is suited for a wide range of use cases that require broadcasting individual inputs to multiple instances of an application. Essentially, keyclone is a pr...


Created: 05/20/14 - Downloads: 55,452 - Monthly Downloads: 91
Icebox is an auto-installer / auto-updater for addons in the World of Warcraft. Simply select the addon you want, click update, and icebox will download, unzip and install it for you. Want to update all your addons? Just click update-all and icebox will update those addons you already have install that it supports. Currently, icebox supports only addons created by Solid ICE. We will increase it...


Created: 09/24/14 - Downloads: 51,780 - Monthly Downloads: 11
Check your gear at a glance. With one look you can see which piece you've forgotten to enchant or gem up. You can do the same with any friendly target.. just control-click and you'll see their gems, enchants and average item level in the lower right. Shift-clicking any gems or enchants will also insert the link into your current chat or auction window.


Created: 03/05/14 - Downloads: 4,621 - Monthly Downloads: 0
oMail makes cleaning out your bag quick and easy. Specify a handful of toon names you wish to send things to, and the items you want to send, then open the mailbox. oMail will go through your bags and ship off anything you've specified to be shipped. have a disenchanter? all your boes can be shipped to them. want to ship any ezmode t-shirts to your GM for the gbank? no problem. want any gold ab...


Created: 03/05/14 - Downloads: 4,352 - Monthly Downloads: 5
cursor hilight addon for World of Warcraft usage: /om [option] options include: fade n fade rate percent change help show usage off disable oMouse on enable oMouse reset reset defaults size n adjust the size of the hilight box


Created: 07/11/14 - Downloads: 3,466 - Monthly Downloads: 2
Realm wide trade chat relay system. If someone using OTC is in a major city, trade will be relayed to you no matter where you are. if you're outside the city, you can post a message to OTC and everyone outside the city will see it. To talk into OTC-chat, just type "/otc hello" and the message will be displayed in your chat area. usage: /otc [on|off|-v|message to otc-chat]


Created: 02/21/15 - Downloads: 1,192 - Monthly Downloads: 6
oComms is a lightweight single file desktop application that enables the group finder in game integration for our on site group finder. To get started you simply download oComms and save it anywhere on your computer. Due to its single file design, oComms can be run from any location on your computer. Upon running oComms, the ocomms in game addon will be installed into your WoW / Interface / A...


Created: 04/09/15 - Downloads: 839 - Monthly Downloads: 4
WoW addon to track the tears of rage from regular battlegrounds. When you've beaten your enemy so hard, for so long, that they rage quit and go running to momma (the forums)... You're entitled to collect those tasty tears of rage. I've also added some other options and limited stat tracking. Options such as: SaySapped, WhoPoppedLust, Announcing Killing Blows, BG Objectives, and class portra...


Created: 10/10/19 - Downloads: 520 - Monthly Downloads: 5
oQueue was wow's first mesh network for x-realm group finding, now the GroupFinder in retail. For classic, oQueue-classic gives looking-for-more (LFM) capability to the realm.  Using oQueue, you can find groups for: dungeons raids roleplay whatever... oQueue also supports wait lists and ban lists ... which comes in handy to ban bots from entering your bgs, at least on your side. Now you...


Created: 11/06/14 - Downloads: 435 - Monthly Downloads: 4
Experimental software for multi-boxers the binary will download and install the addon into your wow folder. the binary must be running at all times. to setup ofollow for your toons: - to establish communications between wow and the app, you must set the scale properly. to adjust your ofollow scale, type: /of and fill in the dimensions of the wow window when it is in slave mode, or master. The...


Created: 10/12/14 - Downloads: 84 - Monthly Downloads: 1
Color blind support module open wow-menu/ interface/ addons to select your mode type '/oc' to see command line options note: will conflict with oQueue

Hell Rocks

Created: 11/10/16 - Downloads: 51 - Monthly Downloads: 0
Blast your way to the high score! Very fast paced 2D space rock shooter. Plenty of power ups, shields, and bombs... but it won't be enough! How long can you last?

magical stuff

Created: 05/27/22 - Downloads: 0 - Monthly Downloads: 0


Created: 03/01/15 - Downloads: 0 - Monthly Downloads: 0