Game: Windows (win32)
Updated: 04/21/18 10:21 pm
Version: 1.9i.4
Filename: keyclone_v1.9i.4.exe
MD5: 71c27d5031f14c377069e074485a5018
Monthly Downloads: 503
Total Downloads: 53,537
Created: 04/02/06
Project Site: View
License: all rights reserved

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Member since 02/17/14
Author of 13 addon(s)

About Keyclone

essentially, keyclone is a p2p, unicasting keyboard emulator.

keyclone links applications together...enabling you to hit 'F1' within one application, and having that key simultaneously sent to each of the other applications keyclone is managing. it will also send those same keys to any other keyclones you may have linked in, which in turn will distribute the keys to the applications they are managing.

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Keyclone License Troubleshooting

by Ron on 07/18/18 04:40 pm
Ron on 07/18/18 04:40 pm

Not Launching Properly

by Kalavar on 03/01/15 10:35 am
Gyro on 03/27/15 09:37 pm

Just paid.. Still Says License E...

by Nishbow on 03/17/19 04:00 am
Komosky on 04/02/19 09:06 pm

Can't use, tells me to email

by Scempio on 03/21/19 09:27 pm
Scempio on 03/22/19 05:27 am

Keyclone Transfer emails are not...

by Chulainn on 03/05/19 12:56 am
Chulainn on 03/05/19 12:56 am

paid, how long to get key?

by ez2type2017 on 02/17/19 02:37 am
Ron on 02/19/19 05:26 am

paid but no key

by dajjal1983 on 01/02/19 09:21 pm
dajjal1983 on 01/04/19 06:01 am

Cannot get Keyclone to detect in...

by squeakal3393 on 12/03/18 08:07 am
squeakal3393 on 12/03/18 08:07 am

Time to activate

by nathanmnm on 09/21/18 12:58 pm
Ron on 09/23/18 05:03 am

Expired => Keyclone dead?

by ntmk on 09/18/18 02:07 am
Ron on 09/23/18 04:58 am

License has expired

by Andy187 on 08/03/18 10:24 pm
Andy187 on 08/03/18 10:24 pm


by PoohBear on 07/22/18 10:04 pm
tiny on 07/29/18 01:00 am