Game: Windows (Win32)
Updated: 11/19/21 07:04 pm
Version: 1.9r
Filename: keyclone_1.9r.exe
MD5: c96f1a4f0289ee651d16f3d7faf0f48d
Monthly Downloads: 286
Total Downloads: 86,374
Created: 04/02/06
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License: all rights reserved

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About Keyclone

Keyclone is a key broadcasting application that allows users to control multiple instances of an application using a single keyboard/input device. While commonly used for multiboxing videogames (playing multiple characters at once), Keyclone is suited for a wide range of use cases that require broadcasting individual inputs to multiple instances of an application.

Essentially, keyclone is a program to program, unicasting keyboard emulator.

Keyclone links applications together...enabling you to hit 'F1' within one application, and having that key simultaneously sent to each of the other ap...

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