Game: World of Warcraft (8.0.1)
Updated: 11/10/18 10:00 pm
Version: 0.2.5a
Filename: ogear_0.2.5a.zip
MD5: abf3c88e2985c5e2433cc55c1adb4d3b
Monthly Downloads: 14
Total Downloads: 51,768
Created: 09/24/14
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License: All Rights Reserved

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Member since 02/17/14
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About oGear

Check your gear at a glance. With one look you can see which piece you've forgotten to enchant or gem up. You can do the same with any friendly target.. just control-click and you'll see their gems, enchants and average item level in the lower right.

Shift-clicking any gems or enchants will also insert the link into your current chat or auction window.

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