Game: Windows (win32)
Updated: 11/19/16 07:06 am
Version: 0.2.5
Filename: ofollow_0.2.5.exe
MD5: 6c8af1666814d1eaa50678f8121c4ca9
Monthly Downloads: 4
Total Downloads: 435
Created: 11/06/14
Project Site: View
License: All Rights Reserved (*)

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About oFollow

Experimental software for multi-boxers

the binary will download and install the addon into your wow folder. the binary must be running at all times. to setup ofollow for your toons: - to establish communications between wow and the app, you must set the scale properly. to adjust your ofollow scale, type: /of and fill in the dimensions of the wow window when it is in slave mode, or master. The master is for your cuirrent 'main' and will enable your alts to follow.

/of master - toon to be followed
/of slave - follower
/of follow - start following
/of break - break follow

- if your toons z...

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