Game: World of Warcraft (WoW Retail / WoW Classic)
Updated: 09/13/19 09:01 pm
Version: 0.2.6
Filename: otears_0.2.6.zip
MD5: 06debde37130006cdd45e42b9192ee0d
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Total Downloads: 839
Created: 04/09/15
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About oTears

WoW addon to track the tears of rage from regular battlegrounds. When you've beaten your enemy so hard, for so long, that they rage quit and go running to momma (the forums)... You're entitled to collect those tasty tears of rage.

I've also added some other options and limited stat tracking. Options such as: SaySapped, WhoPoppedLust, Announcing Killing Blows, BG Objectives, and class portraits. oTears will also dump out the changes to your wallet while you were in any instance.

Type '/otears' or just '/ot' to check them out.

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