Good luck getting an answer. This website is essentially abandoned it seems. There are scammer posts dating back to 7/9 that I have reported and are still here. And the raffle that concluded has been that way for a couple days now.

My 72 tokens and 999 tickets need to be used! Lets go people!!!

I suggest submitting your information to Blizzard. If they determine loot rules were clearly stated and violated they may be able to take action. Reporting it here won't help much.

You can, however, down rate them here on this site if you like.


Awesome Q&A guys! I look forward to the new system.

Also, dual monitors ftw. There are people who play WoW who don't have them? /shocked

Chance to get free WoW pets... solidice raffles!

Do it! Now!

You know you want to!


Grats Tynael :)

OMG yes please! :)

I 2nd that. Especially considering how many tickets and tokens I have lol.

No no no, NOT working. The quests giving credit. Or lack thereof.

Which is was working, so maybe they are just tinkering around with something last min.

FYI seems to be not working again. Stupid Bliz.

Yes it seems to be working now. I just got a ticket. Too bad with like 2-3 days gone I probably lost 30+ tickets. (I have a goal of reaching the 1,000 cap lol)

I'm assuming they turned it off just like the raid bosses because armory is updating.

I guess all we can do is wait.

I posted on this that quests are not giving me credit anymore. I am starting to think they disabled everything at this point.

My armory is updating so I know that isn't the cause.