Tracking for raffles working ?

Is the site tracking characters for raffles properly? Mine hasn't updated and given me a ticket for a couple of days now.. It has been stuck at 74%.

Just wanted to see if it was an EUE (end user error) or something with the site.

Keep up the good work.


in case you haven't noticed, Blizzard has disabled temporarily one of the major data input sources for activity tracking: raid kills are no longer appearing at the bottom of your armoury page. What's left to track is loot, quests and achievements. These work for activity tracking too but give quite a bit less points for the raffle activity tracker.

Blizzard promised that the raid tracker will be back after WoD is released.

I posted on this that quests are not giving me credit anymore. I am starting to think they disabled everything at this point.

My armory is updating so I know that isn't the cause.

I also don't seem to be getting anything from quests/dailies. Definitely not getting anything from Raid kills.

Yeah, I've been doing a bunch of quests and got about 40 achievements in the last 3 days and it hasn't moved past 74%.. So it's not just raid tracking..

raffle points work off the blizzard armory. this is why you must log out of the game before checking to see if you have any more raffle points... as logging out updates the armory. once that happens, and you hit check, we pull the armory and check your previous information with the current to determine the total raffle points you've earned.

if you've completed some raffle activities, yet do not see any change in raffle points, this means either the armory statistics are not updating properly or the information pulled by our scripts hasn't updated. either case, the fix usually needs to come from blizzard

I'm assuming they turned it off just like the raid bosses because armory is updating.

I guess all we can do is wait.

Once i get settled back in from blizzcon ill look into this to ruleout issues on our end.

Thanks for the updates guys!

It seems to be working much better today. I played for a couple of good sessions and got a ticket and about 70% into another ticket.

Thank you.

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