10-19 Week Long Raffles

We have started 2 new raffles.

One raffle offering in game pet prizes:


And another offering mounts & helmet prizes:


These raffles will run for 7 days once the require # of people enter the raffle.

Good luck! :D

I have to say I actually miss it saying who won the raffle.

we post a congratulations thread when its drawn. not what you mean?

i guess it could be listed with the raffle itself so you can see it on the raffle page. for now, you can just type 'winner' in the search box to find those threads

I'll have to add the winners to the raffle posts on the raffles page.

Ya he means it did used to say it, before you guys did the revamp. Right on the actual closed raffle itself.


I wasn't sure if people would want to be listed as winners or not. Maybe allow users to toggle a setting like 'List my name if I win a raffle'.

I guess were naming the winner in the forum posts anyways though, huh, so if they didn't want to be mentioned that goes out the window xD

Ya, I would say if you are posting their name anyways it doesn't really matter. :P

But really I would say just don't do the forum post to save on time and just when the raffle concludes it can say the name automatically. Thats just me though.

Sadly it seems without the traffic that was created from those using Oqueue, that the raffles r now just dead :(

My 72 tokens and 999 tickets need to be used! Lets go people!!!

ok.. this 10-19 week raffle, I've been waiting bout 7 months for has yet to happen... & the comment I made bout a month ago bout this site being dead without Oque has yet to be addressed by staff so this has lead me to the conclustion that I'm correct. I'm dune logging in.. sad I was liking the raffles but they obviously not happening any more.

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