ninja loot from barthilas (US) based server

tacomere and his guild barth time are ninjas

Tacomere the masterlooter said that messsing up mechanics will lead to no loot:

so when a pug dies from mechanics pugs don't get loot:

However when his guildy crustysama dies to mechanics:

crustysama gets loot:

this screenshot linked above has the loot rolls showing me winning heroic
warforged odyssian choker:

when i tried posting on the guild "twisted by design" forum that tacomere
joined it just gets deleted with no response

the only i reply i received were from tacomere's friends in barth time claiming
i was underperforming:

the strange thing is they never mentioned anything about my dps in raid chat
and refuse to provide dps meters and even repeated the loot rule presented

and so i left shortly aftwerwards when they didn't explain to me why the
odyssian choker went to their healer that died:

his sub 20k dps ilv 646 mage (important that he is a caster like me because
their dps is low for the tiwn ogron encounter) friend also received loot:

the fact that furiouswank received the heroic warforged odyssian choker in
his bonus roll meant that my dps obviously wasn't the problem and also
he would not be able to roll on it trade to his guildies:

this sounds like how ninjas ninja loot then say the loot was reserved in
the loot rules set out in raid chat or LFG raid finder with no screenshot
then claim no ninja looting took place

This was back in december when highmaul came out

cant edit post so i have to reply -.-

furiouswank bonus loot odyssian choker just means that his roll in the loot window would have to be discounted and it would have to go to the next eligible person who needs it which according to the loot roll window is a pug otherwise he is effectively keeping it for greed even if he trades it to a guildy (trading it to a guild member would be the same as getting a guildy who already has the item and therefore doesn't actually need it to roll for the item for you)

I just noticed that the guild twisted by design on barthilas has invited a lot of the active players from the ninja guild barth time. Im guessing some of the people in twisted by design just don't care about ninjas probably because they are ninja looters themselves

I suggest submitting your information to Blizzard. If they determine loot rules were clearly stated and violated they may be able to take action. Reporting it here won't help much.

You can, however, down rate them here on this site if you like.

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