wondered if it was going to be announced as to who won raffle since it took forever to fill and finally get underway :)

Hey Trisper!

We are happy to announce that Tynael has won the raffle!

Hey, ronburgundy!

I'm extremely happy to win the raffle at final last!!! How do I get the prize? I claimed it but there is no code or something that could redirect me to the prize.

Hey Tynael.

Once you claim a prize for a specific locale we get an email saying we need to award you a code for the specific Locale (EU in your case).

Once we award you the code you will receive a private message with instructions on how to access the code.

The private message will direct you to visit your account page here https://solidice.com/users/profile/raffles/prizes to view your code.

You should have also received an email, but there was a small glitch and the email didn't send. Let us know if you have any issues claiming!

if you guys enjoy the raffles, i'll put another up... but with a much lower participation level.

OMG yes please! :)

I would like to thank you guys for the wonderful prize! I've been trying to win something for months! ^_^ New raffles are always welcome!

OMG yes please! :)

I 2nd that. Especially considering how many tickets and tokens I have lol.

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