Same for me. No worky.
Sad. Guess We'll just have to sell in /4

Im not EU, stilll crashing. This is the end of OQ. Maybe because i have other o* addons now? Will try deleteing them, though when OQ is not there, everything works fine

after relogging, same issue persists. deleting OQ. Good bye.


Fresh install... and it's fixed. Too bad i lost all of my karma and other stats :(

Alright, I saw this post and didnt have issue until today. multiple game crashes, like... login.. chose character... loading screen... freeze... aaaand crash. over and over and over. I restarted my computer, ran Ccleaner, etc first... still nothing changed. I followed tiny's instructions above, except didnt install oq yet. All good so far. I will install it, exit wow, etc and post my results.

Icebox crashes every time i try to open it. Just redownloaded and still same. Hmm

I think he means the option to select more than one at a time (Check box, not radio button)
Soon ™

Hi, I went in to the vent but was unsure which channel to go in as I saw a lot of "tiny" users.

EDIT: Oh, crap, totally overlooked the room 0 part. :(

Consider yourself lucky as alliance to have shaman in the first place.

Claiming characters

I have treied three times to claim my main character today, I ensure I selected the correct realm, locale, etc. I removed the items requested, logged out, checked my armory to confirm armory was updated, and each time when I hit verify it fails. Is this a known issue, is anyone else having this problem? Or, am I just jumping the gun on these raffle things?