I need help advertising premades.

Hi, my names Aellias.

I want to run an all shaman (horde need not apply) premade consisting of 9-14 players for various maps, but I feel that when I advert my premades on OQ not enough shaman actually see them.

My all shaman premades are both feared, and cherished by the enemy as being a unique way to spend 20-30 mins in a bg. Problem is, alliance shaman are typically very busy, and never seem to notice my broadcasts or premades on OQ.

I have an idea to work around that! I'm requesting a version of OQ for specifically finding shaman, and to help filter out all of the crappy classes that dont drop totems.

It should send a PM with the large angry red button to all online shaman on my real ID, forcing them to join or be put on my ban list. If they are in the middle of something, it should force them to /leave when it prompts the angry red button. That way they have no excuse not to come melt faces.

I also expect this specialised version to be totally free of cost, and on my desk by monday morning. Any other useful shaman finding suggestions posted here would be greatly appreciated.

-Aellias ~_^

thx in advance!
and to help filter out all of the crappy classes that dont drop totems.
lol xD
I dont see the humor here.
Consider yourself lucky as alliance to have shaman in the first place.

Im still patiently waiting some form of shaman-finding tool.

It has been DAYS and we still dont have an Addon for specifically finding hot single shaman. Please evaluate the importance of shaman and their sexy singles to this community so I can continue forming my master race/class.
I own that domain.
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