Game: World of Warcraft (8.0.1)
Updated: 11/10/18 10:00 pm
Version: 0.2.5a
Filename: ogear_0.2.5a.zip
MD5: abf3c88e2985c5e2433cc55c1adb4d3b
Monthly Downloads: 5
Total Downloads: 51,736
Created: 09/24/14
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License: All Rights Reserved

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change.log for oGear

v0.2.3 UPD: improved wotlk.gearscore integration
ADD: wotlk.gearscore now visible at top of inspect frame

v0.2.2 UPD: interface number update for 7.2
UPD: make sure wotlk updates work alongside legion

v0.2.1 BUGFIX: ilevels will now display on flyouts
BUGFIX: character resized for trolls to keep gearscore from being blocked

v0.2.0 BUGFIX: weapon tooltip returns
BUGFIX: enchant tooltip text fixed

v0.1.9 ADD: wotlk customizations

v0.1.8 UPD: interface number update

v0.1.7 UPD: tweak usage info
add: item level now shown on equipment compare when alt is depressed on character frame item hover

v0.1.6 UPD: brightened the blue color associated with rare items
UPD: improved performance when inspecting targets

v0.1.5 BUGFIX: 'show ilevel' moved up on character window
BUGFIX: reduced number of item checks when inspecting (too many events coming in)
BUGFIX: updated for enchants on ilevels >= 600
UPD: stopped using the main game tooltip for scanning information
add: item quality color now used for item level

v0.1.4 BUGFIX: hitting 'okay' on interface/addon/ogear wasn't setting properly

v0.1.3 UPD: toc version update for WOD

v0.1.2 BUGFIX: updated spelling from 'hilight' to 'highlight'

v0.1.1 BUGFIX: name of frame conflicted with oQueue header

v0.1.0 initial revision; pulled from oQueue