BFA support?

No other addon beats the simplicity of oGear from the point of view of checking if gear is gemmed/enchanted.

Please update oGear to be compatible with the changes made by the 8.01 level squish



I do think it works. I've used it since MoP, and havent really downloaded any new updates. I did in WoD, but Im still using the same that I downloaded back then

If you guys need an update, let me know.

I've been buried in a hole for a while at the day job... but I should have more time for things like this in the near future.

I would love an BFA update for this addon, its the BEST addon out there for this specific info, caus after the new API updates it does not allways work when you open charr inspect windows or your own toon window

Time to update for BFA

update plz

Well im gonna mod this addon till tiny is doing it, im not gonna share my update due to copyrights

Would LOVE to see an update to this addon. I've tried other alternatives, but for me, none of them come close to the awesomeness that is ogear! Thanks Tiny!

i got the expac last night. ZetaPrime, if you were able to port it and it's working fine, please drop me the changes in an insite-mail and i'll release an update. otherwise, i'll see when the motivation hits me

Thanks so much man! Really appreciate you and the addon!

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