"Highlight" setting bugs

First of all, I love this addon. Makes checking my gear and other people's gear much easier. However, I've noticed two bugs that, while not crash-inducing, are kind of annoying. Maybe they could be dealt with in the next release?

Bug 1 - Highlight gets turned off

When you go into a settings page, like the Interface settings page native to WoW, and then close out of it by hitting "Okay", the "Highlight" setting gets turned off. So the next time you open your character screen, all the gem/enchant indicators and average ilvl stuff is not showing. Obviously checking the box in the bottom left turns it back on, but it shouldn't turn off in the first place.

Bug 2 - Highlight setting text command was never changed

In some changelogs, I saw that the highlight command was changed from /og hilight to /og highlight. while it now says "/og highlight" in the list of commands, it still only works if you type /og hilight.

Also some other things I just remembered:

The list of text commands when you type /ogear says /oq (Q) instead of /og (G)

It says "oGear highlight: OFF", but what it really means is it turned the entire functionality off. It's not turning off the red/blue highlights on gear, it's turning off the gem/enchant/ilvl display.

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