Game: Windows (Win32)
Updated: 11/19/21 07:04 pm
Version: 1.9r
Filename: keyclone_1.9r.exe
MD5: c96f1a4f0289ee651d16f3d7faf0f48d
Monthly Downloads: 258
Total Downloads: 88,977
Created: 04/02/06
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License: all rights reserved

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Member since 02/17/14
Author of 15 addon(s)


o upd:  moved out of old datacenter

o bug: missed command edits for wowclassic

o upd: improved compatibility with wowclassic

o upd: dusted off and minor tweaks made (classic anyone?)

o bug: wizard startup crash located and fixed

o add: region based keymaps (auto-added under the wizard)
o add: setup wizard
o bug: while running with octopus for kvm, clicking on secondary system's window will pip swap if hotkey unset.  setting pip hotkey will stop the bug
o bug: mouse-click-passing now clicking on windows properly
o add: preset maximizer layout selector
o add: region combobox selector in setup/command-editor
o add: updated the number of maximum regions from 16 to 32 (is more really needed??)
o bug: will not add windows with blank titles

o bug: ghost cursors not always appearing; lag upon first showing up
o bug: override not working properly
o bug: focus-follows-mouse even if the check box is off
o bug: always-on-top on working

o bug: keyclone would crash when the last remote keyclone would exit
o bug: crash on command start without region specified

o bug: allow pip swap keys to pass normally
o add: bring-to-front hotkey for clones
o bug: Xbutton2 not triggering in mousemap
o add: keymaps are now cached for region-keymap performance
o add: keymaps will auto-reload after setup if any keymaps edited
o add: region-based keymaps
o bug: 'get license' not popping up a browswer; no default html browser found; launch IE if no default found (use firefix... it's better)
o bug: did not set name when manually maximizing a window
o add: 'receive only'; set in command for each wow instance
o add: insure wow is not starting in full screen mode when modifying the file
o bug: hang on exit if X used on main interface (finally) fixed
o bug: right-click/maximize... options missing; fixed
o bug: could not launch commands after transfer complete
o add: user driven license transfers (no more waiting around!)
o bug: crash on message-of-the-day close after timer expires
o add: reset roundrobin after rr-override turned off
o add: check box to make mouse-click-passing a single click event; auto toggles off after click
o bug: fix urls associated with tool tray menu
o add: wow /focus based macro setup url to FAQ tooltray menu
o add: warning on invalid command
o add: improved pip swap and focus-follows-mouse speed
o bug: settings sometimes not saving on exit from setup; forced flush to disk
o bug: unable to select maximizer region due to layering fixed
o add: added keymap override to overlay reminder window
o add: make region names case insensitive
o add: make commands case insensitive
o add: override hotkey to suspend keymaps
o add: support for 8 processors in the command editor panel
o add: moved to vstudio 2008, requiring different DLLs and acceptance of manifests (grumble gripe grumble)
o add: region count on maximizer panel
o add: allow regions to be exactly the same size
o add: multi-cpu affinity selection (check boxes)
o bug: maximizer import losing key modifier

o bug: maximizer file not storing always-on-top
o bug: region loses always-on-top when pip swapped
o add: set initial file open/save directory to keyclone directory
o add: ability to reset keyclone's position via the tool tray icon
o bug: starting position of keyclone needs to be restrained and moved within the visible area if it goes outside
o bug: mouse-click-passing on game window does not always work (NOTE: do not move mouse while click-passing)
o bug: focus-follows-mouse bug forcing mouse to stay outside of original window
o add: force wow to realize it has lost focus, insuring the frame rate drops to maxfpsbk
o bug: setup panels not initially hidden (apparent under linux-wine)
o add: audio alert upon dropping connection or window
o add: mouse-click-passing indicator (audio only)
o add: mouse-click-passing between all client windows
o add: mouse-click-passing toggle hotkey
o add: maximizer import/export now supports region resolution
o bug: disconnect bug between keyclones
o bug: enabling override without focus-follows-mouse would take focus off game window
o add: overlay window now shows dnp and rr if the do-not-pass or round-robin list is overridden
o bug: window not adding from command if maximizer not enabled
o bug: crash bug on startup if ini file corrupted; added default and save
o add: remember screen starting position (thx diamndzngunz for the idea!)