Not Launching Properly

Having a problem launching Keyclone that just started happening tonight. (Worked fine last night) When I launch, The message of the day pops up Blank and the close button at the bottom does not work. If I use the X in the top tight corner keyclone is up but the connect button does not do anything. I can go into setup but once it opens I cannot select anything. I did a re-boot and a re-"install" to a different folder and that location is having the same issues. The connection info at the top of the app shows my IP and computer name and I am not getting any sort of license pop-up so that part seems to be working.

Any help would be appreciated!


Exactly the same thing with mine.

SOLUTION for me ...

Renamed Keyclone Folder by adding OLD to the FOLDER name..

Download and Run keyclone_1.9i.1.exe from the link above..

Run New Install of Keyclone ONCE and Close..

Open OLD Folder and Copy your ORIGINAL keyclone.ini to the Fresh Install Folder..

Run as Normal..

This worked for me and I trust it will work for you also.

Exact same thign happened to me, but I have already deleted my old keyclone folder to try and re-install so I dont think I can use this method. Any help would be appreciated, I dont mind starting from scratch again

to install into the default folder (c:\program files\keyclone):

  1. make sure keyclone.exe is not running (check taskmanager)
  2. download keyclone installation binary, v1.9i.1, into a temporary folder
  3. right click keyclone_1.9i.1.exe, run-as-administrator
  4. (this gives the install permission to write into the program files folder)
  5. when the winzip self extractor pops up, click the 'unzip' button in the upper right
  6. it'll overwrite existing files and show '51 files unzipped successfully'

that's it. if you keep keyclone in a different folder, change the path and then hit unzip

let me know if you need further assistance

good luck!


I did not realize there was a new version out there so I was using the one I downloaded last week to try the reinstall. Downloaded the new version and everything is working fine now.


I followed Tiny's instructions to the letter and everything worked perfectly. Originally I had installed keyclone into a custom directory (C:\keyclone) and I simply made a backup of this directory before installing the new version. I did not uninstall Keyclone first, just simply ran the installer and let it copy over the files (browsing to my custom directory of course) and let it overwrite the existing files. I then compared the INI files from my backup and they were identical, so I started up Keyclone normally and everything worked as expected.


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