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First SubmittedApr 01 2006
Last updateFeb 18
Downloads (total)4,141
Downloads (last 30 days)743
cursor hilight addon for World of Warcraft

usage: /om [option]

options include:
fade n fade rate percent change
help show usage
off disable oMouse
on enable oMouse
reset reset defaults
size n adjust the size of the hilight box
Coming soon

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    Keyclone Transfer not recieving emails

    Areku5Areku 05:02p   Jul 02

    Plz help me

    AdelsonSouza2ronburgundy 04:12p   Jun 27


    gcoronado7210tiny 01:07p   Jun 21

    License has expired

    Sighs3Rayven 11:11a   Jun 21

    Setting up Keyclone

    47FDriver047FDriver 09:29p   Jun 16

    Problem with keyclone download

    paladins210paladins21 10:14p   Jun 08

    Error Installing Keyclone Windows 8

    Gorthu7tiny 09:02p   May 30


    mux6tiny 03:51p   May 10

    Why do I have to pay for it again?

    mikesturdivan3ronburgundy 10:41p   May 07

    Diablo 3 Keyclone help please.

    Stealthyzero0Stealthyzero 12:09p   Apr 24

    Transfer never actually sends email

    Irocubabe3tiny 12:37p   Mar 19

    Two Computers

    Mortalita0Mortalita 02:53p   Mar 17

    key clone keeps crashing on my 3rd box

    louzer0louzer 11:50p   Mar 15


    Dampfi0Dampfi 09:57a   Mar 11

    How can I put a delay when launching clients.

    Phanes4Phanes 07:00a   Mar 11

    Keyclone download missing?

    undeadbanana2undeadbanana 12:30a   Mar 05

    Setup Wizard crashing

    Caileanmor1tiny 06:17p   Mar 03

    Keyclone - maximizer

    salomonster4salomonster 04:24p   Mar 01

    Keyclone Serial

    salomonster5salomonster 11:36a   Mar 01


    gcoronado722tiny 02:35p   Mar 05
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