I see.

Are you saying the way the oQueue interface works is that it can only interface with the text field from the blizz ui?

What I was addressing is that in the blizz UI there is a field for selecting what type of raid that is only a drop down menu. Is there an option or possible to put an option in oQueue that does a query based on that field only and ignores what is typed in the group name?

New oQueue

Thanks and nice work on the new tool. Definitely leaps above the standard UI.

Question though. Is it possible to put in a filter feature that pulls data from the menu selection for raid type e in the blizz ui? What I mean is, you can filter by name I know, but that sorts through data that is input by the group creator manually and is subject to misspellings etc.

What I am thinking about is the menu selection on the blizz UI forces them to select the raid type from a drop down menu that lists all of the raids i.e. ToT/SoO Norm/SoO Heroic.

Can you create a drop down menu in the raid section that matches that exactly? As in a drop down menu when sorting in oQueue raids that I could select "SoO Heroic" and it returns all of the raids that had that option selected on creation regardless if they named it "Whatever I want to call it raid".

Maybe this is in there and I am missing it.

Great work again


I am not even using the new ingame feature because the UI is so bad. I just use facebook groups atm.

RE: About that oQueue group tool

Couldn't respond on my post said not found or something.

I meant the WoW in game tool UI is terrible. Was asking for an adaption to oQueue to be a UI addon. :)

So about that oQueue group tool UI


This UI is so terrible

Using oFollow is probably a no go with blizz anymore, even if you are using it for multibox

You can still see it down below, but its a little hidden to someone not already looking for Icebox, and lacks a descriptor of what it does. Needs something explaining to someone new what it is and why the need it.


Wanted to suggest putting Icebox in a prominent section at the top of the download page for warcraft addons. Like a section at the top that says "Make all your downloads easier to update and find using Icebox" with it linked, right above the rest of the alphabetical.

Also somewhere in a permanent spot on the homepage. Right now the new promotion banner comes up first and you can not see icebox until it loads in replacement of the banner.

Also a raffle for WoD gifts would be great to get some users over here. I see the ones for the naga and headset, WoD would be a nice addition.

Sampled-Bhoof btw


I know you have oTradechat, but is it possible to make an IRC program with xrealm functionality?

I think this as a supplement to wows new ingame group tool would be used. Setup default channels for lfr/norm/heroic/lfg etc. and chat filter system to filter to see only msgs from certain roles/specs.

Probably can not do it due to whatever changes they are making to break oqueue.

Would it be possible to make one that just did a basic IRC system with the ability to make channels with xrealm capability? I would assume someone would have done it by now, but maybe it is possible. Think a social feature like that would be popular on wow.

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