New oQueue

Thanks and nice work on the new tool. Definitely leaps above the standard UI.

Question though. Is it possible to put in a filter feature that pulls data from the menu selection for raid type e in the blizz ui? What I mean is, you can filter by name I know, but that sorts through data that is input by the group creator manually and is subject to misspellings etc.

What I am thinking about is the menu selection on the blizz UI forces them to select the raid type from a drop down menu that lists all of the raids i.e. ToT/SoO Norm/SoO Heroic.

Can you create a drop down menu in the raid section that matches that exactly? As in a drop down menu when sorting in oQueue raids that I could select "SoO Heroic" and it returns all of the raids that had that option selected on creation regardless if they named it "Whatever I want to call it raid".

Maybe this is in there and I am missing it.

Great work again


if you create a raid group using oQueue, you also select the sub type... meaning SoO. you also choose the difficulty, ie: 25H. this would result in a group listed as 25H SoO ... which you can then search for with "soo & hero"

i can't do anything about groups created with the blizz ui. they will type what they're going to type.

I see.

Are you saying the way the oQueue interface works is that it can only interface with the text field from the blizz ui?

What I was addressing is that in the blizz UI there is a field for selecting what type of raid that is only a drop down menu. Is there an option or possible to put an option in oQueue that does a query based on that field only and ignores what is typed in the group name?

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