Tiny, I have been using oFollow for the last year with GREAT results. Can you possibly find time to fix it so it works in WOD? It seems Blizzard broke it....


Using oFollow is probably a no go with blizz anymore, even if you are using it for multibox

oFollow doesn't work for bots ... only boxers. removing follow was always officially about tripping up bots (even though there has been pathing bots for 2+ years)

I have been using it to Multibox - I just play on 3 toons and so far it has been under the Blizz radar. I have literally been in over 1000 BG's with it. I just hope Tiny can get it up and running again!!!!! Pretty Please???

Hey Tiny, any updates on oFollow?

not at the moment. working on oQueue 3.0.1 then oGear

*keeps fingers crossed hoping for oGear freeze fix* :)

oFollow has been updated to 0.2.0

please update your local copy manually (just download and overwrite your existing ofollow)

Sorry to bump an old thread but.. how does this work? I just subscribed and downloaded the program. I type /of and it pos up with a screen to enter my "dimensions" but then I don't know how to get it to actually follow?

You should really consider including some documentation with the file.

G'morning Meshuggenah.

this is listed under the description of ofollow:

/of master - toon to be followed
/of slave - follower
/of follow - start following
/of break - break follow

i have made some changes which will be in 0.2.1 which greatly improves ofollow and will be pushing it out shortly (i wanted to get multiple toons to 100 to test in ashran first... hadn't finished yet).

if you'd like more information, asking questions here on the forums is a great place. you can also drop me a note using the in-site mail, find me in vent, or call the number on the contact page if you're truly stuck.

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