Wanted to suggest putting Icebox in a prominent section at the top of the download page for warcraft addons. Like a section at the top that says "Make all your downloads easier to update and find using Icebox" with it linked, right above the rest of the alphabetical.

Also somewhere in a permanent spot on the homepage. Right now the new promotion banner comes up first and you can not see icebox until it loads in replacement of the banner.

You can still see it down below, but its a little hidden to someone not already looking for Icebox, and lacks a descriptor of what it does. Needs something explaining to someone new what it is and why the need it.

Icebox crashes for me.


It says smth like "A problem caused the program to stop working. close the program" and nothing more. Icebox 0.1.3 win7x64 ultimate. Launching as administrator or trying different compatib. modes do nothing. I think problem is after getting responce from server. Today when site was down and icebox cant get response from server it stopped crashing

Thank you for the report!

Can you confirm the version of Internet explorer you have installed? We use an embedded IE to show the single ad on the client.

Unfortunately this is not ideal and has caused crashes for some users in the past, we are looking for alternatives.

IE 11

version 11.0.9600.17280

update version 11.0.12 (KB2977629)

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