Hi Guys

As per title ... LICENSE HAS EXPIRED .. Tried the Troubleshooting Thread and no joy.

Not been able to use it for the last 2 days (ish)

Tried to transfer after new install .. Error ..

There was an error while sending your request.
Please send an email to keyclone@solidice.com for further instructions

Sent the following ..

To: keyclone@solidice.com
Subject: Server Down ? LICENSE HAS EXPIRED

Hi Rob

Another note to alert you to the fact the server may be down again.

Status reads as ... LICENSE HAS EXPIRED


Anything else I can do .. is is it just a waiting game ?

Thanks peeps .. up and running again.

I sent Rob an email a while ago to alert him that it seemed to be down.

Keyclone Server Offline ???

Question is as per the title .. does anyone know if the Keyclone Server is Offline.

All I am getting is "LICENSE HAS EXPIRED" tried to Re-Check as well as Transfer.

Nothing happens ... grr

Exactly the same thing with mine.

SOLUTION for me ...

Renamed Keyclone Folder by adding OLD to the FOLDER name..

Download and Run keyclone_1.9i.1.exe from the link above..

Run New Install of Keyclone ONCE and Close..

Open OLD Folder and Copy your ORIGINAL keyclone.ini to the Fresh Install Folder..

Run as Normal..

This worked for me and I trust it will work for you also.

Thanks to ronburgundy and Tiny.

Don't know which one of you got the short straw, but the hamster at Keyclone sent a message that it had new bedding and a decent supply of food again.

Really .. Thanks guys ..

Just a note .. during all all the time I have been using my 3 Keyclones, I have only suffered about 3 or 4 issues where the hamster was exhausted.

Each time I did a quick note to Rob or posted at http://www.dual-boxing.com and within a matter of hours the hamster was happy again.

Way to go .. and thanks again for the excellent service.

Keyclone .. LICENSE HAS EXPIRED and Re-Check button not working

Hi peeps,

Been a long time user of Keyclone but only just registered on SolidICE.

Just sent an email to keyclone@solidice.com but thought I would post here also.

Any info on if it is just the server having one of it's very rare "I forgot to feed the Hamster" issues ?

Subject: LICENSE HAS EXPIRED and Re-Check button not working

Hi Rob

Just wondered if there is another problem with the server as all of my licences are saying the same thing.

"License Has Expired" and "Re-Check button not working"

Couldn't have happened at a worst time .. my R.A.F. runs out in a few days and still have 3 teams to go


Pooh (Dave)