Hi Guys

As per title ... LICENSE HAS EXPIRED .. Tried the Troubleshooting Thread and no joy.

Not been able to use it for the last 2 days (ish)

Tried to transfer after new install .. Error ..

There was an error while sending your request.
Please send an email to for further instructions

Sent the following ..

Subject: Server Down ? LICENSE HAS EXPIRED

Hi Rob

Another note to alert you to the fact the server may be down again.

Status reads as ... LICENSE HAS EXPIRED


Anything else I can do .. is is it just a waiting game ?

Hi, I can enter the program unfortunately. Writing has expired, even though there are 3 or so times, the email I received and what the program wrote

We had a rocky week with some issues with our servers, but we applied some fixes and things should be settling down now.

If you are still experiencing issues, please let us know

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