Keyclone Server Offline ???

Question is as per the title .. does anyone know if the Keyclone Server is Offline.

All I am getting is "LICENSE HAS EXPIRED" tried to Re-Check as well as Transfer.

Nothing happens ... grr

Keyclone is saying "License has expired."

This isn't the first time this has happened.It's always at the worst time.

Yeah im having the same problem, Anyone know the amount of time is will be down for?

I sent Rob an email a while ago to alert him that it seemed to be down.

Just talked to Tiny - They are moving servers ... go here

And download. Validation should work then.

Sorry for being a bit out of touch recently... we've been completely focused on a new system for the last 6-8 months (sorry, not for boxing or wow... it's more business related, tho anyone could use it).

As we're getting closer to its release, some changes were needed for better server performance on the backend (and to keep things tidy). I've literally been working all waking hours on it... so we're pretty excited to see it get to the next stage. If all goes according to plan, things will change quite a bit around here (*crossing fingers*)

Over the next month or so, if there are any problems with the site or the products, please let us know either on these forums, email, skype, ventrilo, sms, or call... and i'll do what i can to get things fixed.

And again, thanks for your understanding

Thanks peeps .. up and running again.

Thank you! working after redownload :0)

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