I dont really mind the updates, ill usually just look past the box telling me to until I feel like updating.

With that being said though, if you got a bunch of people telling you the same thing compromise alil bit.

Everyone's seen where you post after these saying how many hours you work, and I think everyone appreciates that, (im on a shit server, couldnt ever get the amount of pvp in without it.) but again getting atleast one of these post every other day should start to tell you something, maybe cut your hours down. Do a once a week update or something. I mean lets be serious if your putting in 80hrs a week for a free addon that most thought worked great about 20 updates ago your putting to much work into it.

I would say stick with 15 days for pets and stuff.

For hardware and maybe even mounts 30 days seems reasonable.... gives people who may not be on oq yet reason to get in on the raffle and still have time to get in with decent odds.

But with 30days i would say it deff has to be timed/overlapped with another raffle where your not going 30 days without seeing a winner. That way if im coming in late and it is on day 22 of one raffle the other is only like 7-8 days in.

I havent downloaded Icebox so i cant really speak for it, dunno if it works through the game as an addon or not.

As for OQueue, when you download it, you'll want to find the compressed file, right click it and select extract all. This should bring up the box that lets you pick the destination of the extracted files.

From here it depends on where your WoW file are located. Most people have this located in their c drive > program 86 files> World of warcraft. Once your here select interface then addon and extract the files to the addon folder and you should be done.

assuming its in the same place as most people you can probably just type this in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns

EDIT: just saw where you said update, if thats all your trying to do, follow everything above and when it asks to replace files do so. If it does not ask you that, you may need to manually delete the old version of OQ before putting the new one in.

Hope that helps!

btw i went ahead and made a post on publicvent.org too incase you were over there more, so please disregard that! and also if you could delete it!
cool, good to know, I was thinking hard on who i coulve maybe pissed off lol!

Thanks for the help sir!
sorry i didnt know Pubvent had a website!

I can connect to the music channel, and admin channels....any others it says "you are banned from this specific channel" and I just checked vent on my comp and it says the same thing.

Im no troll though! and only other person who uses my network that i know of is my wife who despises wow...maybe shes behind this?! lol.

Would like to try and get this figured out, dont use pub vent much but still like having the option.

Thanks for the reply!

Public Vent ban?

I was trying to get into a public vent grp yesterday and it said I was banned? Ended up getting a mod to throw me in grp (thanks btw! sorry cant remember your name)

But soon after, I lost connection and couldnt get back in again. Ive never trolled or anything like that and honestly havent probably used public vent since march-ish before yesterday.

I use my tablet for vent with an addon called ventriloid, does that maybe have something to do with it???? Worked in the past though so just dunno where this ban is coming from.

Did i maybe piss one of you horde guys off in bg? lol
Dont have crossfire...and stuttering is a perfect word for it, its not necessarily a spike where i cant move, just a quick stutter every 4-5 secs when oq is running.

Its been doing it again to me today and lastnight though, so guess im gonna have to stay in the "dark" until I can sit looking for a group.

Never had this problem before till i downloaded 1.9.3D on tuesday, dont really run many addons and havent added a new one since probably 6+months ago.

not having the spikes today, guessing it was just busy being a tuesday...
also the go dark button dissappears when you hover on it. Its like its still there for me though cause if i dont move mouse and click ill still go dark.

lag spikes after 1.9.3d

Keep getting really quick lag spike ever since "d". Have noticed alot more people on oq last few days so maybe thats why?? but in the 1000+ games with oq never had spikes like this. If I "go dark" no chops in game at all, when its not dark get the short spike every 5secs.

EDIT: just sat for a couple minutes completely still watching frame rate, it seems like it does it every 5 secs on the dot and drops me about 30fps then hops back up