Public Vent ban?

I was trying to get into a public vent grp yesterday and it said I was banned? Ended up getting a mod to throw me in grp (thanks btw! sorry cant remember your name)

But soon after, I lost connection and couldnt get back in again. Ive never trolled or anything like that and honestly havent probably used public vent since march-ish before yesterday.

I use my tablet for vent with an addon called ventriloid, does that maybe have something to do with it???? Worked in the past though so just dunno where this ban is coming from.

Did i maybe piss one of you horde guys off in bg? lol
Normally we try to handle these inquiries on, but as i admin over there I can help you out too.

Are you able to connect to the server and you just cant move to channels? or can you not even connect?

Since you are using a mobile device it is possbile that your tablet is connecting from a different IP now, one that is already banned. Also depending on where you are when you connect you will be connecting on a different IP.
sorry i didnt know Pubvent had a website!

I can connect to the music channel, and admin channels....any others it says "you are banned from this specific channel" and I just checked vent on my comp and it says the same thing.

Im no troll though! and only other person who uses my network that i know of is my wife who despises wow...maybe shes behind this?! lol.

Would like to try and get this figured out, dont use pub vent much but still like having the option.

Thanks for the reply!

Ah yah, soo what happens is when you get that error message is that we have locked down a range of IP Addresses and your IP is within one of those ranges.

This doesnt mean you didnt anything wrong, but someone who lives in your local area may have done something wrong, resulting in us locking down that IP range.

For the time being you will have to just ask us to move you to whatever room you are trying to get to and we will gladly move you. Any Moderator or Administrator can move you.
cool, good to know, I was thinking hard on who i coulve maybe pissed off lol!

Thanks for the help sir!
btw i went ahead and made a post on too incase you were over there more, so please disregard that! and also if you could delete it!

For some reason I was banned from Public Vent. I hardly use it so its confusing. Is there a way to undo the ban?

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