lag spikes after 1.9.3d

Keep getting really quick lag spike ever since "d". Have noticed alot more people on oq last few days so maybe thats why?? but in the 1000+ games with oq never had spikes like this. If I "go dark" no chops in game at all, when its not dark get the short spike every 5secs.

EDIT: just sat for a couple minutes completely still watching frame rate, it seems like it does it every 5 secs on the dot and drops me about 30fps then hops back up
also the go dark button dissappears when you hover on it. Its like its still there for me though cause if i dont move mouse and click ill still go dark.
m getting those spikes too

also recently been getting this message

[11:29:45] OQ: error calling 'one_shot.97' error: Interface\AddOns\oqueue\oqueue_tables.lua:42: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
[11:29:45] OQ: removing timer

not having the spikes today, guessing it was just busy being a tuesday...
You gots a crossfire system? I already figured out that 5.4.8 + OQ (or really any memory intensive add-on, but OQ does seem to cause more spikes for me than anything else) = Lag spikes/Fps Stuttering.

THe problem, is that newer systems have backround services that moniter things like framerate to accelerate the idle cores, or in the crossfire's case, the higher performance gfx card. 5.4.8 Defeats those bacround services in a snowball of "minimizing processes" that blizzard implemented with the launcher. Ironically, it was done to help improve performance and overall FPS by putting a lighter load on your system while running WoW or blizzard games.

AMD hasn't produced a fix, but Razer did, by making a profile of programs and services to be restarted after wow's initial launching.

However, FPS is still low with OQ and constant /reload's to fix FPS stuttering sucks a lot. (every 20 mins or so)

Heres hoping for a fix...
Dont have crossfire...and stuttering is a perfect word for it, its not necessarily a spike where i cant move, just a quick stutter every 4-5 secs when oq is running.

Its been doing it again to me today and lastnight though, so guess im gonna have to stay in the "dark" until I can sit looking for a group.

Never had this problem before till i downloaded 1.9.3D on tuesday, dont really run many addons and havent added a new one since probably 6+months ago.

Does a /reload help?
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