New Version oQueue 1.9.4

updates include
BUGFIX: group cleanup
BUGFIX: world boss regional conflicts
BUGFIX: vip invite-all now works
BUGFIX: 'you are not in a ...' addressed
BUGFIX: premade type being set when requesting invite; should only happen on invite issued by RL
BUGFIX: multi-accts able to see group from same acct
BUGFIX: fixed queuing times for regular bg pops
UPD: reduced complexity by removing the old bg queuing code
UPD: queue-pop indicator colors now set by median graph
UPD: appended highest rbg rating obtained to rbg/bg tooltip
add: queue-pop graph on the main premade tab for regular bgs
add: 'check...

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New Version oQueue 1.9.2

updates include
BUGFIX: moved LoadAddOn("Blizzard_PVPUI") in order to initially populate pvp ratings
BUGFIX: non-tables passed to tbl.delete will be handled properly
BUGFIX: pending info will survive reload (why didn't i hear about that sooner??)
UPD: loot-acceptance will only popup for normal or heroic instances
UPD: loot-acceptance response will only echo to instance chat on 'do not accept' and 'reject and leave'
UPD: russian language update (thx Efzet!)
UPD: pending groups will say 'pending' in a flat click label instead of a button
UPD: main premade updates for battleground count down ...

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Tiny's Play2Play Birthday Raffle for June 15th

We're going to kick the raffles to the next level this week by running two raffles at once. A 7-day raffle and a 14-day raffle. 7-day raffles are for pets and helms while the 14-day raffles are for mounts. Mounts are a bit pricey, so I've also kicked up the minimum participation requirement. Also, since it's a 14-day raffle, you'll be able to put in a max of 35 tickets, thereby increasing your odds of winning a prize.

We're hoping to build the interest high enough to support a 30-day raffle... which will be for cool gamer hardware such as video cards, mechanical keyboards and what not. ...

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New Version oQueue 1.9.0

oQueue version 1.9.0 has been released with hopes of addressing disconnects.

v1.9.0 UPD: send_xrealm now queue'd with all msg'ing
UPD: oq_ping_user now queue'd with all msg'ing
UPD: increased realm spread from 4 to 7 for wider coverage
UPD: group ad cycle reduced from 30 seconds down to 20 seconds
add: insured oq-checks won't happen more then once every 5 seconds (wow msgs triggering too often)
add: bundled msgs to reduce the quantity of msgs sent between realms

TLDR: oQueue will now send less messages per second, but the messages are now larger in size.

New version of oQueue released, v1.8.9

Updates include:
BUGFIX: mesh-tags will no longer be cleared on reload. remove-now should catch many more (if not all) now
BUGFIX: raid lockout issue (thx swazi!)
UPD: restricted the oq protocol check to no more then 20 msgs/sec when bnet cycles; should lower traffic
UPD: german translation modification
UPD: new hints
UPD: help, hints, and raffle info shades will pop up if not seen in 7 days (esc closes)
UPD: special case realm name for "Chants éternels" (thx obscene!)
UPD: btags will now be held once obtained (bnet could send back nil btags)
UPD: changed boss death detection (thx Xell...

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Icebox 0.0.4 now available for download

Icebox is an auto-installer / auto-updater for addons in the World of Warcraft. Simply select the addon you want, click update, and icebox will download, unzip and install it for you. Want to update all your addons? Just click update-all and icebox will update those addons you already have install that it supports.

Available exclusively on solidice

download today!