US-Scorekeeper down - UPDATE

The US-scorekeeper is down. I cannot get it to run on the box as it seems to have a problem when running multi-wows across multiple regions on one machine. This has been since since the patch and had been working 'fine' for 18-20 months.

What this means for you:
Find-mesh and time-sync will not function. This may result in groups not showing up or not being able to connect to the mesh.

I'll keep looking for a solution, but the blizz tech support forums says 'it'll be better tomorrow after EU servers reset'. This will either mean the scorekeepers will be back online... or US AND EU will be do...

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Raffles are now live!

Register your toons with the site and start earning raffle points towards your next raffle ticket.

Once you have capped your raffle points, make sure to claim your ticket so you may continue to gain raffle points.

Here are this week's prizes:

You can get more information on how the raffle works on the raffle-info page

Claim your character and start generating raffle points

We'll be rolling out a raffle system this week (*crosses fingers*). You'll be able to claim a raffle ticket once you've earned enough raffle points. You gain raffle points when you win a bg, rbg, arena, or kill a boss raid boss. We will be expanding it to include quest completions and possibly pet battles.

Once you have the raffle tickets, you will be able to place them into any existing raffle. We will begin with a small raffle to see how that goes. Once a minimum number of people have entered, the raffle will 'go live' and the seven(7) day countdown will begin. You will be able to increase...

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New version of oQueue released, v1.8.8c

** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)

  • BUGFIX: brazilian premade check
  • BUGFIX: expired lockouts solved (thx Zorrial!)
  • BUGFIX: initial premade type set properly
  • BUGFIX: misspelling yu'lon
  • BUGFIX: cleaned up count next to raid subtype render
  • BUGFIX: spyglass filter will be initially unchecked
  • UPD: reduced premade info pulse from 5 times/min to 3 times/min (cuts bandwidth)
  • UPD: initial join oqgeneral channel time jumped from 5s to 15s
  • UPD: if you hit 'create' on the premade tab as a group leader but not the oQueue leader, it will harddrop and create (thx lilhealz!)
  • UPD: no-voice icon changed
  • U...

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