New Version oQueue 1.9.2

updates include
BUGFIX: moved LoadAddOn("Blizzard_PVPUI") in order to initially populate pvp ratings
BUGFIX: non-tables passed to tbl.delete will be handled properly
BUGFIX: pending info will survive reload (why didn't i hear about that sooner??)
UPD: loot-acceptance will only popup for normal or heroic instances
UPD: loot-acceptance response will only echo to instance chat on 'do not accept' and 'reject and leave'
UPD: russian language update (thx Efzet!)
UPD: pending groups will say 'pending' in a flat click label instead of a button
UPD: main premade updates for battleground count down solo queues
UPD: clicking the dice will pop up the raffle shade as well as signal icebox to go to the page
UPD: battleground groups on the find-premade list will now display group composition; #tanks, #heals, #dps
add: cmdline option to toggle queue time differences: /oq raw
add: loot-acceptance dialog on setup panel
add: hitting escape will close the loot-method-acceptance dialog
add: loot-acceptance 'do not accept' now has a 4 sec cooldown
add: 'x' in the corner ofloot-acceptance
add: cmdline to list pending info; /oq pending
add: groups you're pending with will show a note if you're eligible to post a note for the leader
add: user's notes appear to the right on the wait list
add: filter will now look for difficulty and size of raid; ie: soo10 & heroic , soo25 & normal