New Version oQueue 1.9.4

updates include
BUGFIX: group cleanup
BUGFIX: world boss regional conflicts
BUGFIX: vip invite-all now works
BUGFIX: 'you are not in a ...' addressed
BUGFIX: premade type being set when requesting invite; should only happen on invite issued by RL
BUGFIX: multi-accts able to see group from same acct
BUGFIX: fixed queuing times for regular bg pops
UPD: reduced complexity by removing the old bg queuing code
UPD: queue-pop indicator colors now set by median graph
UPD: appended highest rbg rating obtained to rbg/bg tooltip
add: queue-pop graph on the main premade tab for regular bgs
add: 'check again' button on bad-btag shade
add: 'check again' button on bnet-down shade
add: some arena love; tooltips now show ratings and win-loss
add: class and spec info added to arena tooltip
add: top arena rank appended to arena tooltip
add: count-down clickable PAUSED button on find-premade (grey by default; left-click or shift to toggle, right-click to end)