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Fair enough.

Should you, or any other Author whom has their addon licensed as All Rights Reserved wish to have their addon listed here on Solidice. Please feel free to contact us via the forums, private message, or by phone (number listed on the contact page).

The addon community has no interest in you stealing their work and using it to increase traffic to your ad-ridden website to keep this sinking ship alive.

TenTonHammer attempted to do this exact same thing 2 years ago with a website called "WorldOfAddons", which never got off the ground because of the massive backlash from the community.

Again, we do not need to formally request you remove specific addons, you need to remove all of them, then ask permission from the authors if you can rehost their work.

The terms under which (most of) my addons are licensed do not allow you (or anyone else) to redistribute them without permission. You are violating copyright law by distributing the following addons: - Grid ( - oUF_Phanx ( Please remove them from your website immediately, and refrain from illegally rehosting any of my work in the future. These addons (along with all my others) include a LICENSE file for a reason; you have no excuse to be confused about whether or not you can redistribute them. You can't. Stop.

ad ridden? we average 4 ads per page. curse averages 6. we have 50% less ads. of course, you know that already

Gonna copy this over from wowinterface (with some slight modifications):

The problem with Ten Ton Hammer was that they got all tied up in being defensive, rather than taking the time to communicate and learn from their mistakes. Rather than learning what the law states about intellectual property, they got tied up in defending their actions. They also chose to ignore best practices as already established by the addon community, which created a lot of ill will.

I highly recommend stopping by and reading the circular on copyright basics. If you have the time, they've got the entire copyright law there as well.

Do provide authors with a means to update their addons. Authors uploading their addons is considered best practice for addon websites, while scraping addons from other websites is a frowned upon practice.

And oh: I've already grabbed the CobraA1 handle for myself at SolidICE, so please ensure that no other handle can claim ownership of Reagent Restocker; if your website does resolve these issues and uploading addons by authors becomes possible, I may consider hosting Reagent Restocker here.

Also: What's the sales pitch for your website? I'm sure a lot of authors may be interested in why they should host on your website rather than (or in addition to) Curse or Wowinterface.

Just reading this I would mention a few things.

I'm a programmer application/web, so I would never want my work published elsewhere without permission for a few reasons:

  • I should be portraying my work, not someone else uninvolved in the product. This basically leads to misrepresentation.
  • Sheer respect of my work was not shown by even acknowledging me. This would make me alot less likely to work with a site. A good majority of yours do not even have authors to contact about bugs and etc.

To be honest, it doesn't really help your site traffic, which is what I assume the attempt is. There are other ways to handle that, I even attempted to contact you(tiny) on curse months ago to help when I see you wanted a site to integrate.

However, maintainence is not worth the effort as you would be needing to go around and update these addons and such to keep them up to date on this site. The biggest misconception people have is the everyone wants a one-stop shop or choice in how they do things, when in reality that's not the key to it all. On a side note the ads are distracting vs the amount of content, so it looks overrun with them.

That said, I would just say for the simplicity of it. It's just poor play to represent anything of someone elses' without simply asking.

Just my two cents.

any addon using the GPL, MIT, Msft, etc licenses are also granting distribution... this is one of the points of those licenses. otherwise, their distribution would be controlled by a small few and walled gardens would emerge (and/or censorship).

any works with the 'all rights reserved' license are not available on this site by default. we would have to contact them or they would submit their addons directly.

why would we do this? there are many people that would like an alternative to curse. as curse is just a file share site, it's easy enough to offer the alternative while we grow.

How long should the ticket generator be down? Not that it seems to matter since armory is super broken atm...

this weekend helped point to a few things to be addressed. those should be in place today. after that, raffles are the next item on the list.


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